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Safety on a construction site is serious business!

The White Card is an important safety training qualification.  Without adequate training and awareness, lives can be lost or hurt.

Important White Card Changes


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Here are the requirements you must adhere to if you take this course.

      1. You must be able to understand and read the English language to a standard such that you can comprehend all aspects of the training yourself, without assistance. If your English and comprehension skills are not at this level it is important that you find a face-to-face provider in your local area so that you can receive personalised assistance from a one-to-one trainer.
      2. Your courses may take you up to 6 hours, depending on your current knowledge and speed of learning. The White Card Australia online course requires you to listen to, watch and read all the material in the course.
      3. For the new CPCCWHS1001, you will be required to take online and live video verbal assessments based on the content of each section of the course.
      4. ID and declarations:
      • For the new CPCCWHS1001 course, once you complete the course content and knowledge assessments you will need to:
        • Photocopy your photo ID (for more information click here and read “Proof of Identity”) and in some cases, get it witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (JP), a Commissioner for Declarations (C.Dec.), or a Legal Practitioner;
        • Send to us by Scan and upload, Email or Post (details provided).
      • Once these have been submitted and we have checked them to be sure they are correct, you will need to:
        • Complete you live video verbal assessment
        • Complete your student feedback, and
        • Sign your Student Declaration

      Once all of these are complete, we will post your white card to you in the mail

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