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Commonwealth, State and Territory governments have been working on national standards and training for many years. This work has resulted in a number of agreements and arrangements that have led to the current white card initiative. The Commonwealth, States and Territories are working on further common Workplace Health and Safety arrangements for laws, regulations and Codes of Practice, to be consistent across all States and Territories.

If you are completing the white card for a licence or permit please check with your relevant state regulatory body to ensure that the White Card that will be issued to you will be accepted.

Important White Card Changes


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The national approach for construction and building industry consists of a number of elements, including:

The benefit of the national approach for employees is that once the qualifications have been obtained, people can work in any State or Territory in Australia. There is no need for re-qualification or paying additional fees or charges to work in another State or Territory.

Employers also benefit by being confident in new and current employees having attained a satisfactory understanding of risk issues in the industry and that the understanding is shared across the whole workplace. This is even more important where an employer works across sites in more than one State or Territory.


WHITECARD AUSTRALIA, by being available nationally with a consistent approach, delivers on the national approach and offers the greatest potential for common knowledge and ndustry standards.

As we take a national approach, the knowledge, skills and competencies are of national standard, and capable of being used locally or in any State and Territory. The whitecard is evidence of having undertaken the necessary training and achieved the necessary competency to be of the whitecard standard.

Below we provide more detailed information relating to each of the individual States:

NSW YES. NSW Worksafe Website states:

Under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 (WHS Regulation), SafeWork NSW recognises all interstate General Construction Induction Training (GIT) cards issued under corresponding Work Health and Safety legislation as well as a range of cards issued under previous arrangements.

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SafeWork NSW CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
WA YES. WA Worksafe Website states:

“Across all States and Territories, including here in WA, both types of cards i.e. old Blue Cards, and new White Cards] are accepted by the regulatory authority as evidence that induction training has been completed.”

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SafeWork WA CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
VIC YES. Victoria Worksafe Website states:

CI Cards issued and/or recognised in Victoria: All CI Cards listed here (see link below) are recognised in Victoria and all other states and territories. All CI Cards must include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Signature of cardholder
  • Date of issue
  • Card registration number

CI Cards issued in ACT, NT and QLD must also include the RTO number.

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SafeWork VIC CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
TAS YES. Workplace Standards Tasmania Website States:

A person holding a current and valid general construction induction card from another jurisdiction will not need to do general induction training for construction work in Tasmania and will not need to obtain a Tasmanian white card. WorkSafe Tasmania will deem these cards as equivalent to the Tasmanian construction induction scheme and accept them as proof of general induction in Tasmania.

The recognition of white, blue, red and construction induction cards only applies to general induction training (classroom based) for construction work. Principal contractors and employers must ensure that task induction and site–specific induction training is undertaken.

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SafeWork TAS CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
ACT YES. The WorkCover / WorkSafe ACT Website states:

The General Construction Induction Card is recognised nationally. Once you have been issued with a General Construction Induction Card, the card is automatically recognised for construction work in any state or territory of Australia. It is important to note that each state and territory may differ in the requirements to have your General Construction Induction Card available for inspection. You should review the relevant legislation to the state or territory you wish to work in, prior to commencing work.

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Access Canberra – ACT Government CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
QLD YES. The Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Website states:

To obtain a general construction induction card you will need to undertake training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that conducts the General Construction Induction training. (Unit of competency – CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry). Once you have successfully completed the training the RTO will issue evidence that you have completed the training and the white card. You should keep evidence of completion of training as it may be required to replace your card in the future.

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SafeWork QLD CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
NT YES NT Worksafe Website states:

NT WorkSafe recognises all interstate cards if they remain valid in the issuing State/Territory. If a PCBU has concerns over the legitimacy or level of competence, they may request that the training be re-completed

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SafeWork NT CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**
SA YES: Safework SA Website states:

Before anyone can work on an Australian construction site, they must have attained White Card accreditation.

Issued by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), White Card holders have successfully completed a general induction training course that provides basic knowledge of construction work, work health and safety (WHS) laws, common site hazards and how to control the associated risks.

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SafeWork SA CPCCWHS1001: WA White Card**

*All information is drawn from official websites, however as these websites are subject to change without notice, WhiteCardAustralia does not take responsibility for information which may be changed from a day to day basis.

Important White Card Changes


If you purchase a White Card course before 5pm AEST 19th July 2019, and you don’t live in WA, you will have until 5pm AEST 13th September 2019 to complete all course, assessment and document requirements in order to receive a White Card

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