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Dodgy Construction Induction Cards Emerge on Worksites

As we are all aware, Construction Induction training is mandatory for all construction workers in all states and territories and this is to ensure everyone working on a high risk work site are aware of how to do so safely.

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Man Faces Fraud Charges for Selling White Cards

Preying upon people looking for work in the construction industry, a Sydney man is now facing fraud charges for fraudulently selling white cards. The 37 year old man from Sydney has sold some 400 white cards to his clients, marketing

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Record Levels of New Residential Construction In Brisbane

The number of new homes being built in Brisbane is still surging with a record number of new residential construction helping to revive the local economy. The ABS reported that 1033 houses were approved in September which was the 2nd

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What Caused that Accident or Near Miss?

A recent blog I came across reminded me of how important it is to investigate near misses and understand the root cause of these potential accidents to avoid them reoccuring with even more severe consequences. Linda Light in the article

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Iowa Building Site Time-lapse Video

Cool construction video of an Iowa building site shows massive cranes in action.  

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What Have We Learnt from National Safe Work Month

Safe Work Month highlighted the importance of safety on all work sites and just because it’s over, its doesn’t mean we should put safety on the back burner. This video by Senator Michaelia Cash encourages us all to continue making

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Safe Work Australia Addresses Musculoskeletal Disorders

A new approach to managing musculoskeletal disorders may be necessary according to a new video by Safe Work Australia. In this approach taking into consideration the physical hazards and psychosocial hazards that can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders is called for. Watch

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Beware Falls from Ladders

Ladders are commonly the cause for concern because people don’t use them properly. That is why work from heights is one of the topics covered by the White Card course. The most recent accident involving a ladder that resulted in

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Roads Authority Taking Chain of Responsibility message to Construction Industry

Roads and Maritime Services are taking the Chain of Responsibility message to the construction industry, reminding them that all vehicles must be safe. The New South Wales initiative by RMS comes as the state plans to ramp up infrastructure upgrades,

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Video Shows Years of Construction of Chicago Trump Towers

It’s always cool to watch a building go up, from ground level to a huge skyscraper. Watch as the impressive Chicago’s Trump Tower goes up.  

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