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56 Australians Killed At Work This Year So far

According to SafeWork Australia, there have already been 56 workplace fatalities on Australian work sites at a cost of $61.8billion to the Australian economy. In the construction industry, 9 workers have lost their lives on the job, the third highest

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One Dead after Falling from Roof in Central Victoria

Falls from height are still the most common cause of serious workplace health and safety incidents, despite these accidents being avoidable if the proper fall protection controls are utilised. The latest tragic incident involved a man in central Victoria who

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Macquarie Park Scaffolding Collapse Prompts Legal Action

The company involved in the scaffolding collapse at Macquarie Park that claimed the life of a worker, is being sued over a separate incident involving scaffolding. The incident revolves around a scaffolding collapse that injured a worker on the north

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Four Killed as Crane Collapses on Seattle Building Site

Four people were killed in a construction crane collapse on a busy Seattle street. A few other people were hospitalised after the construction crane fell onto a street in downtown Seattle on a Saturday afternoon. The building is Google’s new

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Watch Smart Construction Tradies at Work

There’s nothing like watching inventiveness in action, especially on the construction site. In this video you’ll see some creative building from tradies. Have you come across any of these techniques before?

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Eleven People Killed in Elevator Crash

A construction accident in northern China has claimed the lives of 11 people and 2 others were injured when a lift fell. The incident happened at a residential development construction site in the Taocheng district of Hengshui, Hebei province. The

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Worker Crushed under Dump Truck – Company Fined

Following an incident in June 2016 when a worker was crushed under a dump truck, an earthmoving company was fined $90,000. The man was crushed underneath the body of the dump truck while trying to repair it. The 26 year

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WA Launches Australia’s First Code Of Practice Addressing FIFO Workers’ Mental Health In Resources And Construction Sectors

Fly-in fly-out workers have long been an ‘at-risk’ sector of the workforce and WA is finally doing something about. WA has launched Australia’s first code of practice addressing FIFO workers’ mental health in resources and construction sectors. The code aims

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Construction Worker Survives Horrendous Accident

A construction worker is lucky to be alive after surviving a horrendous accident on a worksite in Central India. The 21 year old man was at work when he plummeted into a well and was impaled by a long iron

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Worker Killed while Working on Power-lines in Sydney

A man was killed while working on powerlines in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Paramedics were called to the scene where their attended to the man before transporting him to Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition. He died the

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