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Beware Falling Objects on Work Sites

The risk of falling objects on construction sites is a serious one which all employers should be aware of and address in order to ensure the safety of workers and the general public. WorkSafe Victoria issued a warning recently about

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Australian University Develops Building Material That Could Prevent Building Collapse during Earthquakes

A group of scientists at the Centre for Built Infrastructure Research at University of Technology Sydney, say they’ve found the solution to guarding buildings against earthquakes. The research was led by associate professor Behzad Fatahi and supported by Ruoshi Xu.

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Chinese Building Suppliers Providing Shoddy Building Supplied with Fake Documents

Chinese building suppliers have found a way around the Australian standards for importing building materials by forging safety certificates. According to a Senate Inquiry, shoddy building products are making their way into apartment towers in this way which has led

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Non-compliant Cladding the Subject of Taskforce Enquiry

The recent Grenfell Tower fire in London once again shone the spotlight on non-compliant cladding and its danger to public health and safety, which is why the Victorian Government is establishing an expert taskforce to look into the extent of

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Grenfell Tower Fire Leads to Tougher Safety Rules for NSW Buildings

Following the recent deaths of 80 people in the Grenfell Tower fire in London, the NSW government has announced it may introduce stricter regulation on use of combustible cladding. A high-rise safety taskforce will be set up to identify any

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This is How Technology Will Modernise Construction This Year

The construction sector can expect modernisation to continue with a number of key technologies taking centre stage during 2017. An increase in Building Information Management (BIM) in civil construction as contractors become increasingly aware of the benefits of model-based construction.

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Dozens of Asbestos Interceptions Made at Border

The number of asbestos discoveries made last year on a number of construction sites was disturbing including the Perth Children’s Hospital however border authorities have stepped up their fight against the import of the substance which was banned in 2003.

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Senate to Take Action on Dodgy Building Products

The problem of non-conforming building products particularly those containing asbestos is being addressed by the Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming building products. The inquiry was reinstated after lapsing in May following the dissolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives,

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New Products Register for Construction Industry

Non-confirming products have become a real sore spot in Australia but NATSPEC a joint government and industry backed organisation are addressing the concern with the formation of a National Construction Products Register. The register will be made available to consultants

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Building Product Focus- Solar Shingles

Are solar panels putting you off because of their bulky design? With the release of Tesla’s new solar panels we no longer need to sacrifice style for function. Recently unveiled on the set of Desperate Housewives in LA, the solar

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