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Date PostedFebruary 6, 2012

Utilising Rough Terrain Equipment – White Card Australia

In the construction industry there is always new technology being developed, but this is not always a simple improvement on equipment that you already use, as White Card Australia teaches. New technology often goes out to rough terrain (RT) equipment. This equipment, however, is not just used in rough terrain regions, it can also be used in an everyday construction scene, as it can handle any terrain. This means that this equipment is durable and reliable, so check out some of the new technology on this front. But when you have your White Card, after completing the White Card Australia course, you will be able to work anywhere in Australia, so it is especially important you can use RT equipment if working in harsh environments.

Rough Terrain Forklifts – White Card Australia

Forklifts are generally a classic when it comes to new technology, but still, they can continue to change in different ways. On the forklift market, there is the new JCB RT forklift 926, 930 and 940. A forklift is a versatile piece of equipment, but it can also be harshly affected by different terrains, which is why this RT forklift is generally a good choice. If you are unsure if you would like to work with this piece of equipment, you can check out it’s specifications sheet here. White Card Australia essentially teaches you that this kind of new technology makes work safer and faster, with more reliability.

White Card Australia

Rough Terrain Cranes – White Card Australia

One of the new and improved technologies out there is the Sany SRC860 crane which was released around 6 months ago, yet it is still a very new crane that is designed for rough terrain as well.  Just like the aforementioned forklift, this crane can be used in all terrains, and is best suited to harsher ones. This means that when you get your card from White Card Australia’s online course, you will be able to work in remote locations with equipment such as the Sany SRC860. This crane comes with a 250-horsepower Tier 3 Cummins engine and is also fully equipped with a Dana Powershift transmission. This crane has the outstanding ability to lift up to 60 tonnes of weight within a 10 foot radius. This is the first crane for rough terrain to be designed by a joint American/Chinese team. This particular Sany crane handles well with optimum versatility and only a weight of 90,000 pounds.

But this is not the only rough terrain crane to be released recently, the Badger CD4430 rough terrain crane is also one that should be noted, White Card Australia Explains. This crane also tackles versatility and safety, but has a different kind of design to the aforementioned Sany crane. It has a cab down design for rough terrains. This cab down style allows for a two section boom that reaches 53 feet, with a three section boom option.

You can also go from this white card Australia page, and find more information on each of these cranes below in each link.

Sany SRC860 RT crane here

Badger CD4430 Crane here

White Card Australia teaches you to never stop researching new technology.

These rough terrain vehicles are implementing some of the newest technology, and with this technology comes increased safety and versatility. So treat these examples as the kind of thing you should be looking for on a site (where appropriate), and keep looking for newer, safer, faster and more agile equipment.


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