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Date PostedApril 23, 2012

Taking Advantage of Opportunities – But Beware!

There are a lot of job opportunities in Australia and it is up to you to take advantage of them. There are a surplus of high paying jobs in a few industries such as mining and oil refineries. These are the kinds of jobs that you might be looking for and should check out. For example, in western Australia there is a large amount of jobs in the oil refinery business, and out on oil rigs in the sea. It takes a select few people to actually be able to pull off jobs like this because you will be working in an environment that is far away from home, and you will be working for periods of time. But the up side of these kinds of jobs are that you get paid a lot of money. If you think you are down for a job like this, then check out this blog post on working in Western Australia on oil rigs.

How To Make The Best Of Oil And Gas Careers in Western Australia

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 in Blog, Jobs, Mining, Oil and Gas

Oil and gas careers Western Australia offers exciting job opportunities that are not only challenging but high in the areas of remuneration as well. The unprecedented scale of growth in this sector has created a strong demand for people with the right levels of talent and expertise to fill the challenging roles within this industry. The oil and gas industry in Western Australia needs to attract diverse workforce to meet the growth potential and retain its status as a world class industry.

The industry is positioning itself for the next growth phase and that has led to increasing demand for the best workforce available from across the globe. If you are looking for opportunities that can help you grow and put your skills and expertise to use in the best possible way, then oil and gas careers Western Australia offer some of the best openings available.

The Industry Offers the Best of Work Environment and Growth Potential

It is important to find work that can utilize your skills while providing enough opportunities to grow and achieve what you are focused on, in this exciting career field. The industry here has a lot to offer in terms of excellent work environment, range of careers and attractive remuneration. There are potential growth opportunities for those with exceptional talents and commitment to delivering their best in their area of expertise.

If you are looking for job opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Western Australia, you are sure to come across a host of exciting opportunities. The best place to locate some of the finest jobs available is to look up leading job database portals that specialize in listing jobs from the resources industry. It is believed that close to 65 percent of the cream of job opportunities in the oil and gas sector never gets advertised in the newspapers. So, if you are still looking up classified advertisement segments, you are clearly losing sight of the best jobs available.

The Job is Yours if You are Able to Meet the Challenges of the Industry

Companies in different locations and with varied types of energy operations require professionals with different specific skills. What they require in all candidates looking for oil and gas careers Western Australia is a positive approach to the job and willingness to relocate or travel within the area and ability to observe and apply all safety measures during their time in the field or factory.

Most companies provide opportunities for on-the-job training for technical assistants and other trade related openings. Financial commitments are made for oil and gas jobs by companies in association with leading training organizations. You are sure to find great scope for adding that cutting edge to your expertise and skills through such ongoing training programs.

Oil and gas careers Western Australia is regarded as one of the highest paying of all industries. The remuneration is based on qualification, experience and progressive performance in the job. Leading employers also pay generous performance linked bonuses. You can enjoy the opportunity of being able to work in a sophisticated and advanced setting with tremendous scope to improve your trade skills on the latest equipment.

Choose the best jobs from leading job portals to access the finest openings when you are looking for oil and gas careers Western Australia.

This article was sourced from Australian construction jobs online, and can be accessed here.

This kind of job might seem like it is too good to be true to some people, and others might not be able to stand such a work environment. But one important thing to remember might be that the white card training online gives all these workers that ability to work safer in any environment. This means that no matter where you work in Australia you will be in a safe environment thanks to construction induction card online training. But as i said before, there are some jobs that can seem to good to be true, as this article also shows:

Be Careful of Scam Construction Jobs

Posted on Apr 2, 2012 in Blog, Jobs

Australia’s peak construction union is urging Irish workers to beware of scam employers.

Migrant workers flocking Down Under in search of employment in the construction industry are being warned not to accept inferior working conditions and wages by unscrupulous bosses.

Lindsay Fraser, Assistant National Secretary with the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) advises that all Irish workers should join their union before commencing a job in the construction industry.

“Once upon a time the Irish were very strong unionists. A lot of the kids nowadays have been spoiled,” he explained.

“Times were so good over in Ireland a few years ago that people coming to Australia to work aren’t heavily unionised. They’re being taken advantage of and we think it’s a disgrace.

“They come out under two systems. One is the 457 temporary working visa and the other is the holiday visa.

“Employers say to them you should go and get an Australian business number, which in theory you can’t do with a 457 working visa.

“As far as we’re concerned if they’re on a 457 there are very strict laws about working conditions, pay, holidays. They shouldn’t agree to get an ABN.

“Some employers then hold the threat over them of sending them home if they don’t comply with their rules,” he added.

Mr Fraser went on to urge all workers in the construction industry to join the union as soon as they arrive in Australia.

“We’re anti workers being exploited by unscrupulous employers,” he told the Irish Echo. “We just want Irish workers to know that we’re here for them to contact and we’ll protect them.”

He added that those considering a move to Australia from Ireland should go west for the best job opportunities.

This article was sourced from Australian Construction Jobs.com and can be accessed here.

But the point of it is to essentially say that there are endless job opportunities out there and you should get online and start researching them as you might find ones like this that pay highly for a lot of effort – but you have to be aware of ones that may just be too good to be true… Either way, get online and complete the white card online course so that you can get to work on a construction site around Australia when your ready!

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