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Date PostedMay 11, 2010

“How do I get a construction White Card?”

This is a question we see people typing into Google, and also ringing us about!

States in Australia have moved to adopting a national qualification to enable workers to enter a construction site.  Previously each different State had a different coloured card and a different qualification.  Now the States have adopted the White Card, which is accepted nationally.

White Card



How do you go about getting one?

That depends on which state you live in and what requirements you have.  There are several options.

1.  Attend a face-to-face course somewhere in your local area.  You will probably expect to pay between $90 and $160 and it will basically require you to spend a whole day off-the-job, by the time you travel, find parking, have lunch, etc. etc.

2.  The other way to get a construction White Card is to do the course online.  The benefits with this are that you can do the course at your own convenience, in your own time, and in your own home, if you want to!  You can complete a part of the course one day or night, and the system saves where you are up to so you can start from there next time.

Prices range around the $70 mark.

The WhiteCardAustralia course is only $38.50.

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