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Australians require a White Card

to work on construction sites

Has your employer asked you to get a white card? or maybe they asked for a blue card, red card or green card? They are all now called the white card. You can no longer do a course in Australia to receive the colored cards. The only card you can now receive is the white card. This has the added benefit of being valid Australia wide.
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Online training is very convenient, and is a popular choice for doing the white card training course. This allows you to complete the course when and where you want to. When we receive your identity documents we send the white card straight out to you.

White Card AustraliaWhite Card for QLD and WA

Each state still issues the white card and some states like QLD and NSW will only issue the respective card if you live in that state. Other states like WA will issue the white card to anyone regardless of where you live. Your white card can be used anywhere in Australia if it looks like any of these cards.

Before the national white card came about you may have needed to do three different courses and have 3 dfferent cards to work in 3 different states. Some people may have even had to hold 5 cards. So the National white card stops the need for all that. One card that covers you Australia wide.


  • Complete your white card course anytime 24/7
  • Save money and time compared to face to face courses
  • Log out and into the course as required
  • Self paced learning including visual and  audio

Who requires a White Card ?

Pretty much anyone who works on a construction site. Even if you are not performing construction work, eg cleaners.  Do you do  high risk work?  You may need other special certificates.

In Australia we have many rules and regulations and even though sometimes it may seem like overkill we have only got to the kind of workers safety that we currently have becasue of them. Many other countries workers are not as lucky and often unknown to them perform very dangerous, life threatening work every day. The course will teach you about the kind of things you need to know to keep yourself and your work mates safe at work.
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Do your White Card course online today, and save money and time!!


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