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Cranes Become Stuck After Colliding in Cairns

A crane collision recently occurred at the Cairns Performing Arts Centre site and became stuck. According to a Cairns Regional Council spokesperson, the council was notified of the collision which happened on Saturday. A witness that lives across the road

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How Smart Are These Australian Bricklayers?

What do construction workers do when they’re bored? Set up bricks to fall like dominoes ofcourse like these workers on a construction site somewhere in Australia did. I wonder how long these workers took to set up this brick dominoes

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Man Pinned between 2 Trucks on Worksite

An incident on a North Geelong site highlights the risks of working on a construction site. WorkSafe Victoria is now investigating after a man suffered serious leg injury and abdominal injuries after he was trapped between 2 trucks. One of

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Young Worker Loses 4 Fingers First Day on the Job

Although this incident didn’t happen on an Australian work site I found it particularly interesting because it highlights the vulnerability of young and new workers on high risk work sites and should serve as a warning to employers about the need

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Company that failed to Ensure Employee Safety Fined $116,000

Companies should be aware of the consequences of safety breaches and the importance of implementing adequate safety measures on site to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, visitors and the public as well as to avoid costly accidents. An

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