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Statistics Reveal The Most Dangerous Jobs of 2018

SafeWork Australia has revealed which are the most dangerous industries in Australia, according to statistics and so far the transport, postal services and warehousing sector is the most deadly with 29 fatalities this year. Last year the agriculture, forestry and

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Protecting Young People at Work

A company in NSW Central Coast was fined $45,000 after 2 young employees became overcome by fumes while working in a confined space. The 2 workers aged 19 and 20 were cleaning the inside of a landing pontoon of a

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New Memorials for Workers Killed on The Job

The Queensland government is honouring workers killed on the job with 2 new memorials, one of which is an online honour roll and the other a permanent memorial to be constructed in the Roma Street Forum. The memorials will pay

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Video of Construction Prank

Watch a construction worker in a bear suit play a prank on his co-workers at a building site. Watch what happens when a worker comes to face to face with a “bear”!

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Shaping a Culture of Safety for Young Workers

Giving young people the right start in construction is crucial to shaping a culture of safety among these workers. One way we do this in the construction industry is by having them complete white card training. Watch this video for

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6 Common Characteristics of Underpaid Employees

In her book author Barbara Stanny highlights these 6 traits of underpaid workers. A high tolerance for low pay A tendency to undervalue your worth A willingness to work for free Lousy negotiating skills Reverse snobbery A belief in the

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How to Hire Millennials

Young workers are often at risk on on the worksite and in order to keep them safe, employers need to understand how they tick. Millenials are much less trusting than older workers, particularly less trusting of those in authority, so

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Would You Like This Mobile Phone?

Tradies are often the most destructive with their mobilephones because of the nature of the job but more and more manufacturers are recognising the need for durability. This phone can be dropped on concrete and won’t shatter. Watch the video

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Focus on Unique Experiences to Maximise Your Holiday

You work hard all year and you deserve a break, but to ensure you get the most satisfaction from your vacation, focus on unique experiences. According to an expert and writer of the book Happy Money: The Science of Happy

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Stop Your Workers Walking Out

In a post on Lifehacker.com.au the writer discusses the “real” reasons employees leave a job. According to the writer often people may not enjoy work or they may feel they are not appreciated, but bosses are actually the reason people

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