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WorkCover warns workers about Electrical Safety

WorkCover NSW is reminding all workers to observe safety when working with electricity and power lines especially workers involved with construction related fields that are commonly exposed to these hazards. The warning comes after a recent analysis indicated that 2

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WorkCover urges Businesses about safety around Plant and Equipment

WorkCover NSW has reminded all businesses about the importance of safety around plant and equipment. These are often the cause of injury on worksites in the state and WorkCover hopes to do something about this by warning businesses and offering

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WorkCover NSW and WorkSafe Vic cut red tape for Cross Border workers

WorkCover NSW and WorkSafe Victoria have just made life a lot easier for workers and employers in the construction industry. According to NSW WorkCover health and safety division general manager, John Watson, work across borders is common in the building

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Importance of ensuring your workers have the appropriate licenses

Earlier this year a company was fined $10,000 for allowing workers to perform high risk work without the appropriate licence. The incident involved an engineering company who allowed a 16 year old apprentice boilermaker to engage in dangerous work including

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Aftermath of Hearing Awareness Week – Hearing Protection in Construction

Even though Hearing Awareness Week which commenced on August 25th is over, the message it aims to send is relevant all year round. The Hearing Awareness Week attempted to bring into focus important issues for Aussies who are hearing impaired,

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Company that failed to Ensure Employee Safety Fined $116,000

Companies should be aware of the consequences of safety breaches and the importance of implementing adequate safety measures on site to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, visitors and the public as well as to avoid costly accidents. An

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Construction Safety Authorities Unite to Fight Safety Negligence on Sites

It was recently announced that WorkCoverNSW and WorkSafe Victoria have embarked on a collaborative safety project with local construction businesses in an attempt to raise awareness of the similarities and ease of working on either side of the state borderline.

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WorkCover NSW issues First Aid Reminder

WorkCover NSW has issued a reminder for all businesses emphasizing the importance of the correct first aid procedures businesses need to implement in order to minimise workplace injuries. Because the construction industry has increased risks and hazards as compared to

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2 Workers Injured on Melbourne Construction Site

2 construction workers have been injured on a site in Melbourne recently when a rock wall collapsed onto them. The workers were erecting the wall in a pit at the time. One of the workers was lucky enough to escape

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WorkCover NSW Hot Weather Warning

Be safe when working in hot weather WorkCover NSW issued a warning to workers in the region about the danger of hot weather for outdoor workers. Workers are being warned to take the necessary precautions to avoid heat related conditions

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