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Cranes Erupt Across Cairns Skyline

The Cairns skyline is dotted with cranes, signalling healthy construction activity. Among the projects responsible are the inner city development boom by hotel magnate Ghassan Aboud. This is also good news for employment with the 3 Crystalbrook Collection projects creating

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View The Latest Notifiable Fatalities Report Results

February 2017 was not a good month for workplace health and safety in the construction industry, with 3 fatalities occurring, according to the latest Safe Work notifiable fatalities report. Safe Work Australia released the monthly report for February 2017, providing

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North Melbourne Site Scaffolding Collapse

A construction accident has taken place on a North Melbourne site, thankfully no injuries occurred. Scaffolding collapsed at a site where a building was being demolished at the corner of Flemington Road and Villiers Street. It is not yet known

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WorkSafe Victoria Tackles Mobile Plant Safety on Work Sites

The importance of prioritising mobile plant safety was highlighted by WorkSafe Victoria over the month of May, as inspectors visited construction sites around the state targeting poor safety around these mobile plant. The safety watchdog highlighted the importance of mobile

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Make Sure Construction Safety Takes Old Workers into Account

The safety of older workers should be just as much a priority as the safety of young workers. According to figures from Safe Work Australia, between 2003 and 2013, older workers, over the age of 55 accounted for 11 per

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Woman In Critical Condition After Electric Shock

While construction workers are at an increased risk of electric shock related injuries, anyone can suffer an electric shock, at work and even at home which is why electrical safety is of such importance. A woman at a timber company

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3D Printed Technology Used to Build a House in a Day

This 3D printed house took just one day to build and cost just $10,000. The house built with a new Russian mobile 3D printer is an indication of the future of 3D printing for the construction industry. The company behind

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Large Construction Firm looks to Technology to Future-Proof Business

Construction companies need to change with the times or get left behind, as one construction giant has discovered. The ASX listed Watpac, have begun adopting technologies like drones and wearable tech to advance their operations as well as shifting to

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Mid-level Falling Objects Still a Safety Concern

The latest construction safety focus video from WorkSafe Victoria highlights an often unaddressed issue on construction sites, mid-rise falling objects. Regardless of the height an object falls from, it can inflict serious injury. In this video we see an example

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How to identify Bullying on the Job

Sometimes bullying can be hard to define in the workplace, it can be even more difficult to address. Whether we want to confront it or not, bullying in the workplace is a major problem and companies need to understand the

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