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Grieving Mother Campaigns for Uniform Safety Laws across Oz

As any parent will tell you there is no grief greater than that experienced at the loss of a child. This same grief has led one woman’s quest to campaign safety laws across Australia to be uniformly implemented and enforced.

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Article Posts for Week Ending October 26,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: What Every Prospective Construction Worker Should Know Drilling and Cutting Safety in Construction Need for Supervision on Site  

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Benefits of Obtaining Your White Card Today!

While it is true that construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the world it is also one of the most rewarding. Construction work need not be dangerous if workers are aware of the dangers beforehand. They can

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White Card Update: Shocking Survey Reveals 1 in 3 young people bullied at work

A new country-wide survey which was conducted by Essential Research has yielded shocking results. The survey revealed that almost one in three young workers have been bullied or have been witness to bullying in the workplace.  According to the survey

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White Card Australia Presents: Construction Videos

One of the more interesting types of construction, is seen below in ship launches! These launches look exciting but are a lot of hard work. So to work on things like this you first need your construction white card, get

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WorldSkills Australia – Construction Expo

There is a construction expo every year in Brisbane, which is heavily focused on carpentry. Check out the interview below on this trade skills expo! This expo looks challenging and interesting and impressive on a resume! If you are skilled

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Taking Advantage of Opportunities – But Beware!

There are a lot of job opportunities in Australia and it is up to you to take advantage of them. There are a surplus of high paying jobs in a few industries such as mining and oil refineries. These are

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New Technology and Job Offers

Construction is evolving and there is new technology being introduced every day, this means that you should be adapting to these changes. The article below introduces a new technology to the construction industry, which is essentially a way that construction

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Site Experience

It is so important that you get experience on the construction site, but this can only really come from working in time, and gaining a lot of experience. The experience will help you later down the track. But you can

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The National Broadband Network

The national broadband network is unveiling over the country, and is essentially the process of laying cable across the country. But the work on any of these projects, you need to complete the white card online course to get your

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