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New South Wales Far South Coast Building Boom

According to the NSW government a boom in the construction industry, particularly in New South Wales Far South Coast  has led to a labour shortage. Builders say the demand for construction and renovation work in the area is at an all

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The Importance of Engaging Workers in Workplace Health and Safety Initiatives

The best and most effective safety strategies are those that include all stakeholders (including employees) and that means including them in all aspects of the strategy from inception to implementation. Engaging with the workforce on health and safety-related issues irrespective

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White Card Northern Territory News

In terms of dollar value, the construction activity going on in the Northern Territory is topping the list when compared with other states and territories in Australia. According to the Commonwealth Securities (ComSec) who published the result, Western Australia is

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White Card Update: Construction Site Safety Below International Standard

With the high number of incidents reported in Oz each month, construction safety is one that requires attention. More worrying is the amount of fatalities and serious injuries that occur each year. A top international engineering solutions firm, Kentz recently

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White Card Update: How Common Sense can save your Life on the Construction Site

I recently asked an experienced construction worker with numerous decades in the industry what the secret to a long, incident free career in the industry was, and without hesitation he responded “common sense”. Experience is an excellent teacher but those

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Man’s Fall Death Described as “Mysterious”

The death of a man whose body was discovered on a building site on Saturday morning has been described as “mysterious” particularly because the man was not a member of the construction crew. Despite police and authorities investigating the fall,

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Fire Destroys Huge Freeway Construction Project

The devastation and destruction that can be caused by fires is not limited to construction sites but on a construction site there are even more opportunities for fires to break out which is why every site needs to have a

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Comcare releases Tool to Help Deal with Workplace Change

The mental health and wellbeing of people at work has become more of a talked about issue recently because many companies are only now realising the importance of overall wellbeing (mind and body) to improve productivity in the workplace and

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Construction Workers Welcome News that Building Approvals Remain High

The media has been rife with reports that housing construction approvals are experiencing a 19 year high. Despite a slight dip in the past few months, figures remain relatively high which is good news for members of the construction sector

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Importance of Traffic Management on Work Sites

Anyone who has been to a construction site knows what busy and seemingly chaotic environments they can be, particularly in light of the numerous heavy vehicles, construction machinery, light vehicles etc. that have to operate very often simultaneously on the

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