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How to Get a Construction Job in Australia

As the new year approaches you may be thinking it’s time to start looking for a new job, perhaps in the rewarding and challenging field of construction. You should know that while the construction industry is lucrative, before you can

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Tips to Protecting Your Vision On-site

While wearing protective eyewear is something we’re advised to do when conducting certain tasks on the construction site, it is something that is often seen as a discomfort if not a hassle, but once you’ve witnessed eye trauma you’d recognise

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Melbourne Takes the Lead for Housing Construction

The residential construction industry in Melbourne has officially surpassed Sydney as the epicentre of the nation’s housing construction boom. New research from the Housing industry Association (HIA) revealed that 12 of the 20 residential construction “hotspots” were located in Melbourne

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Construction Worker Killed on Tunnel Project

A construction accident at the West Gate Tunnel Project’s Footscray Road site has claimed the life of a 50 year old man. The man was struck by a piece of equipment attached to a mobile piling rig and suffered head

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Dodgy Construction Induction Cards Emerge on Worksites

As we are all aware, Construction Induction training is mandatory for all construction workers in all states and territories and this is to ensure everyone working on a high risk work site are aware of how to do so safely.

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Promoting OH&S through Training

The best way to familiarise workers with occupational health and safety measures is through training, which is why training is arguably the most important part of the workplace health and safety process. The value of training is undeniable, because common

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Importance of ensuring your workers have the appropriate licenses

Earlier this year a company was fined $10,000 for allowing workers to perform high risk work without the appropriate licence. The incident involved an engineering company who allowed a 16 year old apprentice boilermaker to engage in dangerous work including

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Becoming a Safe Work Safety Ambassador

Safe Work Australia has launched Safe Work Australia Month 2013 to draw attention to the need for workplace safety. The culmination of the initiative will be the Safety Ambassador of the Year Award in October. This year the organisation has

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Considering a Career in Concrete Construction

Anyone considering a career in the construction industry should watch this interesting video, aimed at introducing young, would-be construction workers to the possibilities of concrete construction. http://youtu.be/Pc3G7aqRfsI If you found this video interesting, you will also be interested to know

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Dos and Don’ts of Construction Site Safety

The most important aspect of construction work should always be Safety. Sadly many construction companies and contractors make the mistake of neglecting safety in an effort to increase productivity which most often results in not only construction sites accidents but

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