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Progress Being made on Sydney’s WestConnex Means it Could Open Soon

The M4 East tunnel in Sydney may be opening soon to drivers according to reports. Workers have apparently made significant progress on the tunnel which is 5.5 km long. It stretches from the existing M4 to the City West Link

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Perth Airport Tunnel Accident – Worker Fighting for His Life

A horrible accident has taken place inside Perth’s new airport rail tunnel, leaving a construction worker fighting for his life. A 35 year old construction worker suffered major facial injuries after a high pressure air pipe exploded and hit him

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Holographic Technology Making Construction Easier

Could holographic lenses under our hardhats be the technology of the future for construction? Augmented reality is expected to help make construction work go a lot faster. Let’s watch the video below to learn more,  

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The Longest Rail Tunnel Project Finally Ends

The longest rail tunnel project, connecting Zurich to Milan through the Alps has come to an end. The new route will make rail freight more efficient, help suporting heavier cargo and reduce the number of diesel guzzling vehicles on the

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Tragedy Claims Construction Worker’s Life

Watch as emergency personnel attempt to free a construction worker trapped underground in Indonesia. The worker was buried alive in a tunnel while laying plumbing pipe. Tragically he did not survive. Watch as rescuers try to free the man.

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Giant Tunnelling Machines Make Underground Construction Possible

Meet the massive tunnelling machine thats helping build the latest section of the London railway system. The expensive new CrossRail project will open in 2018 but in the mean time, these massive drilling machines are at work underground…  

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