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Shedding Light on Asbestos Issues

Asbestos Awareness Week may have come and gone (19-25 November) but the message to focus on the dangers associated with asbestos lives on. Speaking during the campaign, Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace said Asbestos Awareness Week was a chance

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Victorian Apprentice Killed on the Job

An apprentice has been killed at a Melbourne business recently. It is believed the 20 year old man was working inside an open-ended tank at a Cranbourne West business when he was overcome by fumes in the confined space. WorkSafe

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Why Construction Workers are at A Higher Risk of Traumatic Spinal Injury

Workers in the construction industry, together with those in the transport industries, have been identified as being at a higher risk of traumatic spinal injuries. A team of researchers from The University of NSW Sydney and the University of Sydney

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Statistics Reveal The Most Dangerous Jobs of 2018

SafeWork Australia has revealed which are the most dangerous industries in Australia, according to statistics and so far the transport, postal services and warehousing sector is the most deadly with 29 fatalities this year. Last year the agriculture, forestry and

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How China is Building Faster than Ever

China is one those countries where construction cannot keep up with the demand and population growth. One way builders are overcoming this and putting up structures faster than usual is with core tubular stainless steel. Haven’t heard of it before?

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Company Fined $125K Following Serious Apprentice Injury

A 4th year apprentice diesel fitter was seriously injured in an incident at a sand and gravel business, while working on an electrical fault in the engine of a backhoe.He was being supervised by an experienced fitter/mechanic and was working

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Australians Encouraged to Think About Workplace Safety This October

Australians are being encouraged to take a moment to think about workplace safety this October, in Safe Work’s National Safe Work Month. Safe Work Australia Chair Diane Smith-Gander reminded all Australians in all workplaces that a safety incident can happen

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October is National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month, a month to observe workplace health and safety – an initiative started by Safe Work Australia in 2008. It was originally planned to develop national policy and guidance for workplace health and safety and

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Young Tradies High Silicosis Risk, Doctors Warned

Doctors have been urged to check young tradeworkers for signs of silicosis after lawyers have become inundated with calls from concerned tradies about the condition. Silicosis is a life-threatening lung disease caused by inhaled silica particles. The lawyers are now

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Does the Weather Stop You Doing Your Job

All outdoor workers are sometimes affected by the weather but when you work in construction, deciding when to down tools can become a more complicated issue. Just downing tools because its too hot or cold or rainy is not so

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