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Dispute over Parking Lands Man in Hospital after Altercation with Construction Worker

A 25 year old construction worker has been charged by police after an alleged assault at Bulli during which he was involved in a parking dispute with an elderly man. The elderly man is fighting for his life in hospital.

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Construction Worker Survives Horrendous Accident

A construction worker is lucky to be alive after surviving a horrendous accident on a worksite in Central India. The 21 year old man was at work when he plummeted into a well and was impaled by a long iron

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Falling Debris Crushes Construction Worker on Brooklyn Site

A father of 4 from Newark in New York was recently killed when falling debris crushed him at a building site in Brooklyn, just one day before the American holiday of Thanksgiving. The heartbroken family of the man have called

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Stonemasons want Government Action on Silicosis

A recent article on News.com.au highlighted the plight of stonemason Cameron Harper who is warning Australia’s tradies about the risks of not wearing the appropriate protection. The 27 year old mason coughs and wheezes regularly as he speaks and loses

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Put Safety First in the Lead-up to Christmas

WorkCover Queensland has reminded all employers to pay attention to the safety of their employees in the lead-up to Christmas, particularly given that during this time of the year, injury claims tend to rise. According to WorkCover Queensland Executive –

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Wooden House Slotted into Place

If you’re interested in wooden construction, here is a video showing a cool building technique where the wooden pieces slot into place.

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Should Qld Tradies Work in 35 Degree weather

Do you think it’s safe to be working outdoors, doing strenuous activities when temperatures exceed 35 degrees celsius? Well if you don’t, you’re not alone. Workers in Queensland want a union to investigate a heat stress policy when temperatures reach

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