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How Women Are Being Pushed Out of Construction

According to recent research, women are being expelled from the construction industry, not because of the job itself but because of the masculine culture and underlying sexual harassment that prevails on most work sites. The report revealed that the completion

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Teenager Inducted as Carpenter before Serious Worksite Accident

A 16 year old carpenter was lucky to escape a 7 metre fall down a staircase void, shortly after being inducted onto the worksite as a “capenter”. The young man had practically no construction experience which raised concerns about the

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These Are The Industries That Need Targeted Workplace Safety Efforts

Civil construction and construction trades industries are 2 of the industries needing the most effort to improve safety, according to the latest data from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. These industries are among 7 that are responsible for the most

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Dirty Jobs That Pay Well

Construction work can be messy but the rewards are worth it. In this video we see some more well paying but dirty jobs. Not surprisingly plumbing features on the list because of work with toilets and sewerage pipes. After watching

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