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Time-lapse Video of Shopping Mall Construction

There’s nothing like a construction time-lapse to remind us of why we do this job. There’s little else that can compare to the satisfaction of seeing a project come full circle from conception, an idea to an actual building in

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Construction of University of Newcastle in this time-lapse video

The University of Newcastle New Space project is currently underway and is expected to transform the CBD and revitalise the area. Whether your a resident of Newcastle or simply a lover of construction, you’ll enjoy seeing construction progress in this

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Watch as an entire village goes up

There’s nothing cooler a time-lapse construction video of a building going, what’s even cooler is when the change in the encironment from the start of the video to the ending is so dramatic, like it is in this video. Construction

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Cool Time-lapse at Kings Cross, Sydney

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Time-lapse of Latest Addition to World Trade Centre Transport Hub

This time-lapse video of the Oculus transport hub at the World Trade Centre provides some insight into how this amazing structure was built.

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Iconic Speedway Goes up in This Construction Video

Using¬†EarthCam construction cameras the construction of the new Daytona International Speedway was captured. Construction of this legendary speedway took just over 2 years to complete. This time-lapse video provides some idea of what the construction process was like.  

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Office Building Construction on Video

This cool time-lapse video shows crucial stages in the life of a construction site, laying of underground plumbing, electrical and the installation of gutters. Watch it for yourself below.  

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Video Shows Crossrail Tunnelling Breakthrough

Watch as a huge underground railway tunnel reaches a milestone. This video takes you into the world of the construction workers that work in these enormous underground passages.  

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Time-lapse Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Construction

This cool time-lapse video shows the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge being constructed in Black Canyon, Colorado River in the USA. It connects the states of Nevada and Arizona in The US. When the Hoover Dam was originally built, it was

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Video Shows 30 Storey Building Constructed in 15 Days

It seems like there is a competition on for the highest skyscrapers that can be built in the shortest amount of time. Here’s another one, this building is 30 storeys high and was built in just 15 days.  

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