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Cool Time-lapse Video Shows Building Constructed

Watch as a huge building rises from the ground up. Although constructing a building like this takes countless man-hours, materials and equipment, we can watch it being built from start to finish in a matter of minutes.    

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Watch the Amazing Construction Time-lapse of Dubai From 2012 to 2016

Dubai is a modern marvel, having transformed out of virtually nothing into a thriving metropolis in the middle of the desert. With an overwhelming number of skyscrapers let’s watch this timelapse video of Dubai’s amazing transformation from 2012 to 2016.

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Pop-Up Opera House Construction Timelapse

Watch the harbour-side construction of the stunning pop-up opera house on Sydney Harbour. The video shows the construction of the pop-house opera house, bars, restaurants and seating. Let’s see how it all came together.

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Holographic Technology Making Construction Easier

Could holographic lenses under our hardhats be the technology of the future for construction? Augmented reality is expected to help make construction work go a lot faster. Let’s watch the video below to learn more,  

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Iowa Building Site Time-lapse Video

Cool construction video of an Iowa building site shows massive cranes in action.  

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Time-lapse Video Shows Rapid Construction

This time-lapse video of student housing for The University of Missouri in Columbia, USA shows construction from ground level, with progress advancing quite rapidly. Its always interesting to see how construction happens in other parts of the world. Watch the

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