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SafeWork NSW warns Employers to Protect Workers from Heat Exposure

As temperatures soared in NSW, SafeWork warned all employers to ensure workers are kept safe. Companies need to take the necessary steps to protect workers from the risk of heat-related illness. SafeWork reminds us that heat can reduce a person’s

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Construction Workers – Beware of Heat Stress

According to U.S researchers, when the mercury rises, it’s the humidity that we need to be aware of not just the heat. The humidity becomes dangerous when the heat reacts with water-sodden air. We’ve been experiencing heat waves in various

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Workers Still At Risk from Sun Exposure

The 2017 SHARC Report (Skin Health Australia Report Card) revealed that over 2 million outdoor workers are not provided with any sun protection by their employers despite 45 per cent having to work outdoors sometimes or all the time. In

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White Card Update : Dangers of Sun Exposure

An alarming statistic recently brought to light an important issue for Australians, especially those exposed to the sun for extended hours such as construction workers.  Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and construction workers are

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