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These Are The Tallest Buildings on the Planet Now

When it comes to the world’s tallest buildings there’s one country that’s leading the race – China, having completed 88 buildings over 200 metres in 2018. According to research by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) 143

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New World’s Tallest Building Under Construction

The Tower will be the world’s tallest building by 2020, snatching the title from the Burj Khalifa another mammoth tower in Dubai. The building will cost $1 billion and once complete is expected to be around 828 metres tall. Not

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10 Storey Building Constructed in 48 Hours

Civil engineers in India have set a record in the country for building a 10 storey building in just 48 hours. I’m not sure how much of a role safety played in this project, given the country’s troubled past when

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A First from Indian Engineers – Building Goes Up in 48 Hours

With the demand for housing rapidly increasing, especially in highly populated parts of the world like India, the focus in construction is on speed and affordability. That’s what motivated an Indian firm to build a 10 storey high-rise in a

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Watch One of the Tallest Buildings Going Up

At over 2000 metres tall, the Shaghai Tower is one of the most amazing structures in Asia and the world. In this video we’ll learn more about what it took to construct this behemath.

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Mega Tall Structures to Take Over in 2016

Exciting times lie ahead for the construction industry internationally with the number of megatall skyscrapers set to more than double over the next 5 years. While Australia embarks on its own skyscraper drive, the international community seems to be in

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Singapore “Village” Named Best Building

This vertical village in Singapore has been named the world’s best new building. The building is a cluster of 31 apartment blocks which instead of the typical dense high rise apartment building is made up of apartment blocks stacked on

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Will We Be Living In Vertical Forests Soon?

Could vertical forests by the latest in city building, as we try to build greener? Switzerland is the latest country to attempt to address deforestation by building a 116 metre vertical forest – basically a skyscraper disguised as a shrub.

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World’s Tallest Wooden Structure to be Built in Canada

An ambitious new project has been planned for Vancouver. The University of British Columbia will soon be home to the world’s tallest wooden structure. The project is costing $51.5 million and it is expected to provide housing for more than 400

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Update on World’s Tallest Building Construction

Watch this video for an update on the Kingdom Tower – what will be the world’s tallest building once its completed. Currently standing at 80m high and 23 stories (as at August 2015), once completed the skyscraper will reach 1008 meters

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