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Watch as Drones Build A Rope Bridge

Watch as quadrocopters build a rope bridge in this video. This project proves that drones can autonomously assemble a load bearing rope bridge.  

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Tragedy Claims Construction Worker’s Life

Watch as emergency personnel attempt to free a construction worker trapped underground in Indonesia. The worker was buried alive in a tunnel while laying plumbing pipe. Tragically he did not survive. Watch as rescuers try to free the man.

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Attend WorkSafe Health and Safety Week from 19-28 October

A host of international and local experts will be speaking at this year’s WorkSafe Health and Safety Week beginning on 19 October. The event will address issues relevant to workers including mental health. Workers and their employers are encouraged to

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Iconic New York Airport Terminal becomes a Hotel

The iconic New York airport terminal built in the 1960s that has been lying abandoned for 15 years is finally going to come to life once again, this time as a hotel. The TWA Terminal at JFK was opened in

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Firm Sanctioned for Saudi Crane Collapse

The Saudi Arabian King has sanctioned the Saudi Binladin Group over the crane collapse at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Over 100 pilgrims were killed and hundreds more were injured when the crane fell a few days before the Hajj

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Iconic Sydney Structure Demolished on Video

In some cases demolition can be a greater risk than construction activities, which is why workers involved in demolition must also complete general construction safety training known as The White Card. Now watch an this iconic Sydney chimney comes down.

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Construction Worker Risks his Life in Demolition Work

Watch as a construction worker in Beijing risks his life to demolish a section of a building. This type of action on the job is never worth the risk. The man basically risks his life to demolish a part of this

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Demolition Compilation Video

In Australia if you’re involved with construction or demolition work, you must be in possession of a White Card which proves that you have been trained on general construction safety training and are aware of how to work safely on

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NSW Developers to Bear The Weight Of Defects

Developers may begin to carry the cost of defects in apartment buildings if a proposed bill is passed. With a University of NSW report indicating that 85 per cent of the buildings built since 2000 have defects, the government has

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Mines Inspector Forum Focuses on Worker Safety

Last week ,WA mining inspectors met to discuss safety in the mining industry at a biannual forum. The inspectorate were told to prioritise the safety of workers and encourage the industry to continue following the hierarchy of controls. Mine Safety

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