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Summer Arrived Earlier Than Expected

It seems summer has arrived earlier than expected with the Bureau of Meteorology revealing that October beat all heat records for any month of any year and temperatures aren’t expected to cool anytime soon. Most of Australia is experiencing extremely

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Safe Work Australia Addresses Musculoskeletal Disorders

A new approach to managing musculoskeletal disorders may be necessary according to a new video by Safe Work Australia. In this approach taking into consideration the physical hazards and psychosocial hazards that can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders is called for. Watch

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Safe Vehicles Crucial to all Industries

No matter the industry, safe vehicles make for better business. Safe vehicles aren’t just a matter of compliance, but safety and productivity. Watch the video to find out more.  

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Multiple Robberies at Melbourne Construction Site

Burglurs have been targeting a Melbourne construction site between September and October and have since made off with at least $40,000 worth of stolen goods. Tools and electrical cable were among the items stolen from the Doncaster site. Police are

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Tackling Mental Health Challenges in the Workplace

Mental health issues among construction workers often goes unaddressed and in many cases this leads to devasting consequences like suicide. Dealing with mental health issues in the workplace can be a real challenge for organisations but providing support for workers

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What Melbourne Must Build for More Liveable City

Although Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city once again, British architect Amanda Levete, says more needs to be done to improve the standard of buildings in Melbourne. According to Levete, the city has a long way to go

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Tradesman Got Teen Employee Hooked on Drugs

A tradesman in his twenties was recently sentenced to six years behind bars, with three years non-parole, after committing a number of offences including paying a teenage worker with drugs instead of money and getting the young worker hooked on

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Watch as Drones Build A Rope Bridge

Watch as quadrocopters build a rope bridge in this video. This project proves that drones can autonomously assemble a load bearing rope bridge.  

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Tragedy Claims Construction Worker’s Life

Watch as emergency personnel attempt to free a construction worker trapped underground in Indonesia. The worker was buried alive in a tunnel while laying plumbing pipe. Tragically he did not survive. Watch as rescuers try to free the man.

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Attend WorkSafe Health and Safety Week from 19-28 October

A host of international and local experts will be speaking at this year’s WorkSafe Health and Safety Week beginning on 19 October. The event will address issues relevant to workers including mental health. Workers and their employers are encouraged to

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