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Emphasis on Safety Pre-planning in Construction

  The safety of construction workers is once again in the spotlight and employers are being urged not to be worker’s safety an after thought. SafeWork Australia says 211 construction workers died from work-related injuries in the five years from 2007–08 to

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Tips for Safety Conversations

In an article on Robert Long discusses 20 tips for safety conversations which would prove especially beneficial for employers to utilise in the construction industry. Communication is an important aspect of site safety and this post provides tips to

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Are you fulfilling your health and safety Responsibilities?

In the construction industry it is important for everyone involved with work to be aware of and understand their responsibilities and fulfil them to avoid fines and injuries. According to Australian legislation employers and workers both share responsible in the

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Safety when working in Tunnels, Shafts and Trenches

Photo source: There are a number of hazards presented by work in the confined space of a tunnel, shaft or trench. Employers need to identify whether this hazard is present and also the hazards associated with work in these

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Safety during Painting Operations on Building Sites

Everyone engaging in work on a construction site, including painters is at risk of injury and possibly death which is why the law dictates that all construction workers must undergo construction safety training. Painters need to obtain their White Card

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White Card Update: Making Young Workers More Vocal about Safety

One of the important aspects of construction safety is ensuring that apprentice and young workers are properly trained, supervised and supported on a site to ensure their safety and the safety of everyone of site. No one worker is more

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