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12th Australasian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference to be Held in Sydney

The 12th Australasian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference will be taking place next month from 25-27 November at the University of Sydney. The event to be held by the Australian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN), and the George Institute for

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This Dremel Tool is so Cheap because its Powered by a Vacuum

Dremel took the motor out of this rotary tool and made it vacuum cleaner powered instead to make it more affordable. Watch this video for the results.

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Unions Say Construction Levy Could Solve Asbestos Dumping Problem

Unions NSW say a construction levy may be the key to solving asbestos dumping problems and lifting safety in the state’s construction industry. The organisation has called for a construction industry-funded scheme to remove asbestos from buildings across NSW to

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Construction in Tasmania Booming

Building activity in Tasmania is booming and it is now leading the nation in construction activity. According to the Australian Residential Development Outlook spring edition report, in the 12 months to June this year, building activity in Tasmania has risen

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Construction Union Supports Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workers in the Northern Territory, together with construction workers throughout the Commonwealth,  will have to submit to mandatory drug and alcohol testing on government funded projects. The stricter rules were originally opposed by the construction union, who even marched against

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Beware Falling Objects on Building Sites

A construction worker hit by a falling brick on a construction site is in an extremely critical condition in hospital. The brick fell from a roof of a 4 storey building under renovation when it struck a worker on the

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Elevator Shaft Fall leaves Construction Worker in Hot Water

Falls down elevator shafts can be deadly despite being preventable. One worker found that out the hard way after a 2 storey fall down an elevator shaft. The man sustained serious injuries to his back and neck and is in

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Worker Electrocuted on Construction Site

A worker was recently electrocuted on a building site in Texas. The 30 year old worker went into cardiac arrest shortly after being electrocuted. Paramedics arrived at the scene shortly afterwards but were unable to revive the worker. Electrical hazards

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Importance of Trench Controls

An accident that happened on a construction site in Coomera last month, highlights once again the risks associated with trench work and the importance of controls. The worker involved was left with serious pelvic injuries after an 8 metre trench

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Mesothelioma in Construction Workers

Mesothelioma among construction workers is a major concern in Australia, despite the fact that asbestos hasn’t been used in buildings since the early 80s. Construction workers who are involved in renovation of older buildings need to be especially cautious about

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