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Female Traffic Controllers Get Challenged Less Than Males

We often hear about the struggles women in the construction industry are forced to overcome but we seldom hear much good. One area of the industry where positive changes are being seen is on road construction sites where female traffic

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Road Construction Time-lapse Video

For a look at how roads are constructed and an idea of just how much work actually goes into building our infrastructure watch the time-lapse video below. Road construction is one of the most high risk for the workers involved,

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Latest Construction Machinery At Work

Construction machinery seems to be advancing at such an insane rate, that keeping up with developments is hard. If you love watching these amazing and advanced construction machines in action then this video is for you. It’s easy to see

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Fraser, Cooloola and Sunshine Coasts To Enjoy An Improved Connection Thanks to Roadworks

The Federal Government recently approved new sealing works which will improve the journey for motorists traveling between the Fraser, Cooloola and Sunshine Coasts. The project, estimated at a cost of $2 million will involve the sealing of 1.9km of gravel

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Construction Machines Making Roads

It’s hard to imagine how the construction workers of the past built roads without the impressive machinery we have at our disposal today. It seems construction machinery gets more high tech and advanced every year, so much so that we

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Time-lapse Road Construction

Watching a time-lapse of road construction work somehow makes it seem hassle-free, but ultimately we know the time and frustration work like this interchange expansion project causes. It is due to this frustration that many drivers don’t abide by the

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Modern Road Construction on Video

Modern road construction can be a complicated undertaking. In this we’ll see how different countries handle this complex task, some still taking a more labour intensive approach while others using advanced technology in the form of road construction machinery. Let’s

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Road Construction Worker Killed by Passing Vehicle

The risk associated with road construction  works has once again come under the spotlight following an accident which claimed the life of a construction worker on a Canadian Highway. The worker was a member of a Department of Transport and

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White Card Update: Road Construction Safety Tips

Workers involved in road construction are sometimes placed at an increased risk of injury and even death than workers on ordinary sites. This is because on a traditional construction site everyone should be trained on safety whereas road construction workers

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