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Tips to Protecting Your Vision On-site

While wearing protective eyewear is something we’re advised to do when conducting certain tasks on the construction site, it is something that is often seen as a discomfort if not a hassle, but once you’ve witnessed eye trauma you’d recognise

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Protecting Your Feet from Injury on the Construction Site

Construction work is high risk and while we’re aware of the obvious hazards and risks, there are some that go under the radar. One the things we commonly forget to protect is our feet. Our feet work hard and foot

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Protecting Young People at Work

A company in NSW Central Coast was fined $45,000 after 2 young employees became overcome by fumes while working in a confined space. The 2 workers aged 19 and 20 were cleaning the inside of a landing pontoon of a

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What We Learnt From Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week just ended, having run from 23 August to 29 August, so its time to consider what we’ve learnt. Figures reveal that 1 in six Australians is deaf, hearing impaired or has an ear disorder and one of

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Queensland Industrial Relations Law Under Review

An independent reference group will be conducting a review of industrial relations law with the aim of making laws fairer, treasurer and industrial relations minister Curtis Pitt stated recently.  As one of the government’s main election commitments, restoring fairness to Queensland

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Hearing Awareness in The Construction Industry

A construction site and the processes that go on can present a number of noise hazards which not only induce hearing loss in workers but can affect their immediate safety. To encourage workers to address noise hazards in the workplace,

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PPE Update: Why You Need Safety Boots on Site

Utilising the appropriate PPE on the construction site is not only your responsibility under health and safety laws but vital to your health and safety. In this video we explore why safety boots are so important for construction workers to

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PPE Update: When do I need Hearing Protection?

In our latest PPE update we look into the subject of hearing protection – an area sometimes ignored by construction workers and safety controllers. In this video we learn when hearing protection is necessary on a construction site. Watch the

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Importance of Eye Protection during Welding

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welding One of the most damaging activities to our eyes in the construction process is welding. In fact just like most other construction activities, welding presents a range of hazards that can cause injury to workers if not properly

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Workers stop work on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Around 150 maintenance workers have walked off the job at Sydney Harbour Bridge as testing continues into asbestos contamination. The site at the bridge was closed and a stop-work order was issued on Friday after a meeting between union representatives

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