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White Card Update: Highlight on Safe Driving in Mining Sector

NSW Minister for Resources and Energy encouraged safe driving at all times for the mining sector in a recently launched guide. The guide which is called ‘The Courteous and Safe Driving Guide’ was developed in response to concerns over the

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Taking Advantage of Opportunities – But Beware!

There are a lot of job opportunities in Australia and it is up to you to take advantage of them. There are a surplus of high paying jobs in a few industries such as mining and oil refineries. These are

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Top 50 Construction Firms In Australia

There are a huge abundance of construction firms in Australia and if you have your white card then you could potentially pick from any one of these firms to work for (assuming you have good construction skills). So check out

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How To Get To Work In The Mining Industry

Working in the mining industry is important in Australia, as there are many different sites around the country and mining is growing in Australia faster than any other industry. After you have got your white card, you can apply for

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Australia’s Mining Boom and Your Place in it

Australia is coming through it’s largest mining boom in history, the mining boom mk II and you will need your white card to gain employment. This means that there are more and more jobs in the mining industry. This boom is

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