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NSW Government Partnership Provides Help for Regional Workers with Mental Health Issues

The NSW Government in partnership with the Black Dog Institute has launched a program to offer mental health skills training to regionally based workers. Regional workers were identified as “at risk” when it comes to mental illness and high rates

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Staying Healthy in The Building Industry

A recent event “Staying Healthy in the Construction Industry” focused on improving the mental health of workers in the industry. The event featured speakers from Housing Industry Association, speaking about workplace health and safety as well as offering fitness and

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Poster Campaign Targets Mental Health Issues On Site

Two organisations Target Tradies and Black Dog Institute have teamed up for a new campaign to deliver positive mental health messages to construction workers throughout Australia. The campaign is important given that workers in the construction industry are at a

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Beware of Bullies in the Workplace

If you thought bullying ended in school, you’d be wrong. In fact the workplace bully is more complicated than the school yard bully because their behaviour involves more than just physically bullying a person. Workplace bullying is behaviour that threatens

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Addressing Stress in the Workplace in 6 Smart Steps

Whether you’re a stock broker or plumber, workplace stress is the one thing most of us, in all industries have in common. But handling workplace stress is something that not everyone knows how to do and while there isn’t a

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NSW Budget Allocates $10million To Keeping Workers Safe

The NSW Budget for 2018-19 has allocated $10million to worker health and safety, increasing substantially funding to the state’s workplace safety regulator – Safe Work NSW The government made a big investment in SafeWork initiatives to improve workplace safety and

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FIFO Workers Mental Health Investigated

Research into the mental health and well-being of Fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers and their partners in Australia shows that they tend to experience difficulty adjusting between their work and private lives. Workers say that time away from their families puts a

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Mental Health Problems Putting Tough Guys at Risk

Construction workers have one of the highest suicide risks in Australia with statistics revealing that they are 70 per cent more likely to take their own lives than men in other industries. The combination of work and personal pressures can

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Summit Promotes Mentally Healthy Workplaces

The NSW Government recently hosted a Mentally Healthy Workplaces Summit, with the aim of improving the mental health of workers across workplaces in the state. The event was attended by 130 delegates including mental health experts and worker representatives, hoping

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Work Stress The Leading Cause of Absenteeism

Stress is one the biggest contributors to time off work, according to a new report. The report by BeyondBlue which surveyed more than 1000 people across Australia, found that depression, stress or mental health problems resulted in time off work

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