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Young Worker Loses 4 Fingers First Day on the Job

Although this incident didn’t happen on an Australian work site I found it particularly interesting because it highlights the vulnerability of young and new workers on high risk work sites and should serve as a warning to employers about the need

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Importance of using the right tool for the job

We’ve all done it at least once, working on something on site, perhaps even at a height only to realise you do not have the right tool to complete the task. But what you do have is a similar tool

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Electrical Arc Flashes and their risks

A hazard that workers on construction sites should become familiar with are Arc Flashes. An arc flash is something that occurs as a result of an electrical fault generating an arc that ionizes the air, leading to combustion. Surprisingly arc

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Construction Worker Injures Himself with Nailgun

A construction worker on a housing construction site in Boston, USA was recently injured while working with a nail gun. The man shot himself in the knee with the nail gun while working on the roof of the construction project.

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Another Worker Injured on Construction Site in Mount Isa

The risk associated with wooden formwork has been highlighted by an accident which took place on a construction site in Mount Isa. The incident also highlighted the risk construction workers are presented with by falling objects. The worker involved suffered

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White Card Update : Caution! Falling Objects

The issue of falling objects on construction sites has come to the fore, after a teenager was killed by a falling excavator bucket in Sydney’s south-west. The young 17 year old worker received fatal head injuries and thereafter suffered cardiac

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Falling from heights can cause serious injury and potentially death for workers in the construction industry. They often have to work on scaffolding, roofs and other elevated structures. For  construction workers falling is a major cause of accidents and death

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