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Getting the Most Out of Your Construction Equipment

As part of construction and owning a white card, utilizing your equipment is an important factor as it means that you get more value for money. This becomes important when you are working on longer programs. This video below will

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Leading a Safe Team

White Card Australia teaches that the liability that comes with managing a team is not something to take lightly. It is your responsibility as a team leader to ensure that your workers stay out of danger. Although this video may

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Your Duty of Care – Higher Than You May Think

White Card Australia focuses on giving you the right information on how to operate a construction site, before supplying you with a construction white card. This means that you should know about everything and anything that could potentially put you

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Are you a high risk worker? You may need different certificates

Whilst the ordinary White Card may cover you for most construction site jobs, if you are a higher risk worker, you may need to be more careful when looking for what you need to work on a site. In 2007

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