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Latest Construction Machinery At Work

Construction machinery seems to be advancing at such an insane rate, that keeping up with developments is hard. If you love watching these amazing and advanced construction machines in action then this video is for you. It’s easy to see

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The Worst Construction Mistakes of 2018

Here are some of the worst things you can try with heavy equipment on a construction site. This is why not just anyone should be let lose on a construction site especially not behind the wheel. It’s important that everyone

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Video Shows Massive Construction Truck Haul

If watching extreme oversized construction equipment in action is your thing, you’ll love this video of how they are transported. These trucks are hauling the biggest construction heavy equipment around. Let’s see how they do it.

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Worker in Hospital after Incident Involving a Grader

An example of what can go wrong when working with heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles was presented by an incident at a southern Queensland site recently. A man suffered serious injuries when the grader he was operating, rolled over. Paramedics

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Weird Construction Fails on Video

Heavy equipment fails that occur on construction sites can have fatal consequences. Although we often watch these heavy equipment fail videos with amusement, they send a very serious message about the heavy equipment safety. Let’s ensure operators are trained and

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Heavy Vehicle and Equipment Fails Demonstrated on Video

As we begin a new year of construction work it’s important that we evaluate the successes and failures of the previous year, like this video showing some of the worst construction equipment fails from 2016. Let’s watch and see what

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Heavy Equipment Mishaps Caught on Video

From this video its easy to see why heavy equipment and machinery accidents are one of the most common workplace incidents that occur in the construction industry. Whether it’s equipment failure or operator error, the consequences can be serious, even

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Watch The World’s Best Construction Equipment in Action

One of the coolest jobs on the construction site is operating heavy equipment. If you love these machines in action, you’ll enjoy this video of the latest heavy equipment in action. In Australia heavy equipment operators need to have a

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Busy Construction Site on Video

Watch this video of a busy construction site. There are numerous heavy machinery and equipment operating simultaneously on this work site. Lets hope they have all the necessary safety measures in place!  

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