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Live Electrical Work Prohibited in WA

Live electrical work is expected to be banned in WA. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the law would be implemented following the deaths of 3 workers due to live electrical work in the last 2 years. The first death occurred in 2013 and

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Safety Video on Avoiding Heat Illness and Injury

We all know that staying hydrated is a crucial part of avoiding heat stress but what else can we do to avoid illness and injury in our warm climate? Watch this safety video to learn the most important aspects of

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Man dies working in the heat

The heat has claimed its first victim in Melbourne after a school gardener died on Wednesday. The man, a worker at Ivanhoe Girl’s Grammar School collapsed and died in the heat after warnings for people to careful as the temperatures

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Gas Leaks A Major Construction Site Hazard

A gas leak on a construction site left 300 people out in the cold, as they had to be evacuated from their homes when a bobcat working on the site severed a gas line.  Thankfully the situation did not escalate

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Construction Site Health and Safety :Reducing Back Pain caused by Construction Work

At some time or the other, as a construction worker you will have to undertake a form of manual handling. Many workers experience back pain as a result of strenuous lifting and incorrect manual handling techniques. Although not all manual handling

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Doing The White Card Course Online As Opposed To In Person

In the end, you will have to decide whether or not to take the white card course online or not.  There are only so many things that can influence your decision. Some people prefer the course in person because it

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White Card Update : Company Convicted For Health and Safety Violation Twice in Four Years

A company and its director have been convicted and fined for the second time in four years for charges relating to occupational health and safety breaches.  The company based in Epping was charged for serious safety violations which led to

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White Card Australia Presents: Construction Videos

One of the more interesting types of construction, is seen below in ship launches! These launches look exciting but are a lot of hard work. So to work on things like this you first need your construction white card, get

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White Card Update : High Job Strain Increases Risk Of Retirement From Muscle Pain

Research has just surfaced which suggests that workers who are exposed to high job strain are at a higher risk of retiring on a disability pension as a result of musculoskeletal diseases.     A report which attempted to investigate the

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WorldSkills Australia – Construction Expo

There is a construction expo every year in Brisbane, which is heavily focused on carpentry. Check out the interview below on this trade skills expo! This expo looks challenging and interesting and impressive on a resume! If you are skilled

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