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New online Workplace Hazard Reporting System

Employers and employees in WA can now report work related hazards, injuries and incidents anytime of the day, 7 days a week, with WorkSafe WA’s new online reporting system. The system removes the need to make phone calls during business

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Possible Asbestos Risks of WA Government Construction Recycling Scheme

While the government has been encouraging the use of recycled building materials, there have been concerns about the safety of such practices given that asbestos could be present and released during the demolition process. The state government has offered local

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Construction Industry Has Third Highest Fatality Rate

This year, more than 100 people have lost their lives on the job with 14 fatalities coming from the construction industry. The construction industry is the third on the list for workplace fatalities this year, according to statistics from Safe

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Young Worker Loses 4 Fingers First Day on the Job

Although this incident didn’t happen on an Australian work site I found it particularly interesting because it highlights the vulnerability of young and new workers on high risk work sites and should serve as a warning to employers about the need

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Unemployment Rate to Rise Slightly But Construction is Helping

The boom in housing construction is said to be offsetting the decline in employment in other sectors. Although we should be prepared for a slight decline in employment, economists warn, employment growth in the booming housing sector is helping keep the

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Queensland Worker Crushed by Machinery

A man has been killed on a dump site in Queensland after being crushed by a front loader. The man is thought to have been working with the front loader when the incident occurred. Emergency crews responded to the scene shortly

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ACT Roadwork Site Hazard Warning

If you have ever questioned the need for general safety training for the construction industry, then the following case of a worksite which was at the centre of apparently a number of accidents involving roadwork machinery and equipment is an

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Ensuring Safety when working with common portable electric tools used in construction

Portable electric tools are a common and valuable asset to construction workers in various trades but they can also have their hazards if not utilised correctly. In the building industry the most popular portable electric tools are drills, saws, sanders,

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Ensuring Safety Education Designed for Young Workers

Employers are continuously being warned about the importance of providing adequate training and supervision of young and apprentice workers, yet many still treat new workers as they do everyone else. WorkSafe Victoria reports that over 2000 young people are injured

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“Hit-by” Accidents Increasing on WorkSites

One of the most unexpected and serious accidents that happen on construction sites is when workers are hit by falling objects, sometimes these falling objects can cause serious, even fatal injuries. One of the risks that employers need to assess

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