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Circular Quay Site Explosions and Fire Erupts

  A demolition site at the corner of Pitt Street and Alfred Street, Circular Quay erupted in flames and plumes of smoke recently, requiring 12 people be treated for respiratory problems. It was reported that dozens of firefighters battled the

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Fire Erupts At Luxury Apartment Construction Site

Yet another building fire has erupted and this time at an apartment building under construction in Sydney’s south west. The building went up in flames overnight while it was unoccupied. Police are investigating whether the blaze was deliberately set with

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Construction Fire Risks Highlighted

We often hear of fires and explosions on construction sites injuring workers and causing destruction to property, so it’s important that persons conducting a business prevent the possibility of fire/explosion erupting from ignition of flammable substances associated with a hazardous environment

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East Brisbane Building on Fire

A fire that broke out last week at East Brisbane has been blamed on a fallen power pole. Firefighters battled the fire which destroyed 3 businesses in East Brisbane with neighbours surrounding the scene taking to their rooftops to fight

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Small Construction Fire Started by Welding Sparks

Sparks flew at a construction site in Queensland recently, so much so that they ignited a nearby piece of cardboard and started a fire on the Greenmount site. Fortunately Rural Fire Brigade and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were able to

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Video Shows Construction Site Blaze

Even small fires can quickly spread and bring down an entire construction site, and possibly even claim lives. Although the fire in the video below was the result of arson, we should keep in mind that buildings under construction, renovation

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Fire Destroys Huge Freeway Construction Project

The devastation and destruction that can be caused by fires is not limited to construction sites but on a construction site there are even more opportunities for fires to break out which is why every site needs to have a

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Bushfires continue to threaten Tasmanians Safety

Firefighters are battling to get 2 fires under control in 2 separate parts of Tasmania at Molesworth north-west of Hobart and at Lefroy near George Town in the north east. Winds strengthened through Thursday afternoon, fanning the fire closer to

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Preventing Fires on Construction Sites

Source : Loco Steve The opportunity for fires to break out on construction sites is great due to the work processes, tools and equipment used to conduct construction work. The first step in overcoming the break out of fires on

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