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Being Tired at Work is As Bad as Being Drunk

According to a federal investigation into sleep health in the workplace, tired workers are as impaired as drunk drivers. In an environment as high risk as construction, the implications of this are particularly serious. A recent government inquiry found that

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Research Reveals Why Some People are Always Tired

According to the latest Sleep Health Foundation survey, one in three Australians are in a state of fatigue known as social jetlag. In other words the person’s body clock and daily routine simply don’t align. What matters is not just

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Sleep Deprivation a Risk to Workplace Safety

Sleep deprivation and fatigue are issues which most people seldom consider with regards to workplace safety but the impact of these can be serious not only for workers themselves but employers as well. With daylight savings WorkSafe New Zealand took

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Sleeping: This is What You’re Doing Wrong

Getting a good night’s sleep is important because fatigue can put you at risk of injury and illness on the construction site. This informative video will show you everything you’re doing that’s hampering a restful night’s sleep and provides some

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White Card Update: Fatigue’s Contribution to Workplace Injuries

I recently came across an article on the risks associated with fatigue in the transport industry and it got me thinking about how prevalent this hazard was on construction sites and whether or not it was a contributor to workplace

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Combatting Chronic Fatigue in the Building Industry

By Vox Efx One of the problems that are seldom confronted head on by workers in the building industry, but can cause other more serious safety issues, is worker fatigue. Fatigue affects Aussies from different backgrounds and industries however it

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Combatting Fatigue in Construction

Source : o5com Fatigue is one of the hazards that isn’t often associated with construction work, although it does commonly occur in the industry. Construction work involves a lot of manual activity which can be strenuous and tiring on the

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