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Beware Falling Objects on Work Sites

The risk of falling objects on construction sites is a serious one which all employers should be aware of and address in order to ensure the safety of workers and the general public. WorkSafe Victoria issued a warning recently about

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Glass Pane Falls from Construction Site Killing Security Guard in NYC

A deadly construction accident has taken place at a site near Central Park in New York, claiming the life of a security guard. A glass panel fell from the skyscraper, striking the 67 year old security guard who was rushed

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Company Fined over “Preventable” Deaths

A trucking firm has been fined $160,000 over the deaths of 2 Irish construction workers who were crushed by a falling concrete panel on a construction site in East Perth in November 2015. The 2 men were on a smoking

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Mid-level Falling Objects Still a Safety Concern

The latest construction safety focus video from WorkSafe Victoria highlights an often unaddressed issue on construction sites, mid-rise falling objects. Regardless of the height an object falls from, it can inflict serious injury. In this video we see an example

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Beware of Objects That Fall from High Heights

On the construction site, even small objects falling from a low height can cause a serious injury, prompting WorkSafe Victoria to create this safety video. Let’s ensure the risks associated with falling objects on construction sites are properly addressed.

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Falling Materials The Target of Safety Inspectors

WorkSafe Victoria inspectors are currently on a 3 week inspection blitz targeting falling building materials and equipment on building sites. Over the 3 week period the inspections were being conducted, more than 100 work sites were or will be inspected,

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Another Worker Injured on Construction Site in Mount Isa

The risk associated with wooden formwork has been highlighted by an accident which took place on a construction site in Mount Isa. The incident also highlighted the risk construction workers are presented with by falling objects. The worker involved suffered

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Managing the Risk of Falling Objects

Imagine just going about your work on an ordinary day when all of sudden something falls from above and hits you head, causing you to become unconscious. When you regain consciousness, you find yourself bleeding from the head and in

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Concrete Slab Collapse Serious Injures Worker

The risk of being hit by falling objects on a construction site is great and the risk of serious injury is even greater when the object falling is a heavy concrete slab. A worker was recently seriously injured by a

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Dangers of Falling Objects on Building Sites

(Photo: Chris Sharp / FreeDigitalPhotos.net) Among the wealth of other hazards construction workers are exposed to, falling objects are another danger that employers need to be aware of and guard against. The risk involved with falling objects is even more

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