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Worker Hospitalised After Excavator Incident

The risks involved with operating an excavator have been highlighted by an incident on a construction site in Queensland recently. A worker has been hospitalised after being crushed by an excavator at a construction site in south east Queensland. The

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Excavator Incident Prompts Safety Alert

An excavator incident prompted a safety alert from WorkSafe New Zealand, on managing ground instability hazards. The incident that led to the alert involved an excavator operator excavating coal when a rock fall took place. The excavator was struck and

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WorkSafe Shuts Down Coombs Construction Site

Residential construction sites in the ACT were the target of authorities after one incident which left a man nursing an injured leg, among other injuries, and another which involved inspectors handing over prohibition notices on another site where they had

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Fire Erupts on Katherine Construction Site

We need to ensure that our sites are safe and secure, even when we aren’t at work because not only can construction sites become a risk to public health and safety, but criminals can set work on sites back dramatically

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Video Shows Accidents You’ll want to Avoid

Operators of heavy construction equipment in Australia are expected to be in possession of a High Risk Certificate but everyone on site is required to complete general construction safety training, known as The White Card – this video is a

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Heavy Equipment Mishaps Caught on Video

From this video its easy to see why heavy equipment and machinery accidents are one of the most common workplace incidents that occur in the construction industry. Whether it’s equipment failure or operator error, the consequences can be serious, even

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This is How you Clear Ground for Construction

Before construction can begin its up to these massive machines to clear the ground and prepare the site for construction. This powerful hydraulic excavator is the largest in the world. Let’s watch how it operates.  

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