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Man on Elevated Work Platform Dies after Making Contact with Live Powelines

A man has been killed while working from an elevated work platform, after making contact with live overhead power-lines. The incident happened in Hughesdale in Melbourne’s south-east, outside a house near Oakleigh Station. While the circumstances surrounding the incident are

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Victorian Worker Dies following Roof Electrocution

We should never underestimate the danger that young workers face when entering the workforce and the need for proper training and supervision. In a recent accident a 19 year old man was killed while installing an air-conditioner at a house

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Fatal Electric Shock Incident in Sydney

“Don’t forget to isolate the power before beginning electrical work” – that is the message we must take from a horrific incident that took place at a home in Eastwood in Sydney recently. A 46 year old man was electrocuted

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South Australian Building Firm Fined Over Worker’s Electrocution

Electrical hazards on the construction site account for thousands of injuries each year and even a number of fatalities. An example is the death of a South Australian man at a construction site near Mount Gambier who was electrocuted when

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Canberra Firm Fined $1.1 million Under New National Work Safety Laws

Canberra based Kenoss Contractors have been fined $1.1 million under new national work safety laws, relating to the death of a truck driver in June 2012. The company was found guilty of safety breaches that resulted in the death of

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Beware of Coming into Contact with Power lines on Construction Sites

One of the hazards that construction workers on building sites will often have to contend with is possibly live, overhead power lines. One of the biggest mistakes workers can make is assuming that power lines aren’t live because this is

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Worker Electrocuted by Overhead Power lines in NSW

We are always warning workers about the risks associated with work near overhead power lines and an incident which claimed the life of a worker in NSW proves why. An employee of the company Essential Energy has died after he

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Importance of taking Precautions near Overhead Power lines

An accident which took place on a site in the English suburb of Cottesmore highlights the importance of taking the necessary precautions when working near overhead power lines.  The company involved was warned by their QS that there was a

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Worker Electrocuted while at Work

Electrocution is still one of the most common occurrences on construction sites and the risks associated with electrocution are heightened when they occur from a height. Sadly yet another worker has died after being electrocuted at a work site in

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Workers Walk off Site after Worker Injury

Workers on a Canberra construction site downed their tools and walked off their site after an incident which resulted in the electrocution of a fourth year apprentice. The apartment site in Canberra has become the centre of attention as many

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