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Worker Killed while Working on Power-lines in Sydney

A man was killed while working on powerlines in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Paramedics were called to the scene where their attended to the man before transporting him to Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition. He died the

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Employers Reminded to Properly Supervise Apprentices during Flood Recovery

A vulnerable group of workers who require extra attention, especially when dangerous activities are underway are apprentices which is why Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is reminding all employers about the importance of supervision of these vulnerable workers during flood

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Queenslanders Urged to Prioritise Electrical Safety

People in Queensland were recently reminded by Ergon Energy to be cautious when working in their yards due to the risks of contact with underground or overhead electrical cables around properties. Whether pruning trees or cutting bushes, painting roofs or

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Put Electrical Safety First – Queenslanders Urged

Ergon Energy in collaboration with Energex have launched a Queensland-wide electrical safety campaign to address the high number of dangerous incidents involving contacts with overhead, fallen and underground power-lines. The campaign called ‘Take Care, Stay Line Aware’ is aimed at

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Worksafe Victoria Warns Of The Dangers Of Working On Live Switchboards Or Circuits

WorkSafe Victoria is once again reminding businesses, contractors and workers about the importance of safety when working with live switchboards or circuits. Employers must also be especially careful about the safety of apprentices. These young workers must be properly trained

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New Electrical Safety Regulations to protect Electricians Comes into Effect

While Australia’s electrical safety standards are among the most stringent in the world, there is always room for improvement, particularly when you take into account the recent tragic events within homes and buildings. In the months ahead, we will see

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Beware the Hazards in Roof Spaces

EnergySafe issued a reminder about the hazards of working in roof spaces. Whether you’re on the work site or at home doing D-I-Y improvements, it’s important to understand how to avoid the risks associated with roof spaces. Director of Energy

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Essential Energy Reminds Customers to Prioritise Electrical Safety

Remember to be cautious around appliances this winter – is the message from Essential Energy to all its customers. Given that 40 per cent of all fire fatalities occur in winter, according to statistics from Fire and Rescue NSW, its

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Importance of Electrical Safety Highlighted

Friday 28 April was the World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day. Held annually, this year it coincided with Safe Work Australia’s World Day for Health and Safety at Work. One of the messages of

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Improvement Notices in Cross Border Construction

WorkSafe ACT inspectors together with inspectors from SafeWork NSW conducted a week long operation targeting commercial and residential construction sites on both sides of the border. The operation, run between 6-12 April focussed on height safety, electrical safety, correct paperwork

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