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Top 10 Demolition Videos of this Year

This video shows the top 10 construction demolitions of this year, which highlight the large scale of demolition that can pose a risk to workers on demolition sites. This is one of the reasons why White Card training is mandatory

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Demolition Experts Use Almost a Ton of Explosives to Implode Tower

Watch as tower is demolished used almost a ton of explosives in Frankfurt, Germany. The building goes down in under a minute.  

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Iconic Sydney Structure Demolished on Video

In some cases demolition can be a greater risk than construction activities, which is why workers involved in demolition must also complete general construction safety training known as The White Card. Now watch an this iconic Sydney chimney comes down.

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Construction Worker Risks his Life in Demolition Work

Watch as a construction worker in Beijing risks his life to demolish a section of a building. This type of action on the jobĀ is never worth the risk. The man basically risks his life to demolish a part of this

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Demolition Compilation Video

In Australia if you’re involved with construction or demolition work, you must be in possession of a White Card which proves that you have been trained on general construction safety training and are aware of how to work safely on

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Watch a Demolition Video

Sometimes its more fun watching a building come down than it is watching it being built. Watch this cool demolition video of a home coming down.  

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