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Queensland Coroner Says Tradies Death was Preventable

A coroner has found that a young carpenter electrocuted at a construction site in Brisbane in 2013 while working for a roofing company, would not have died if different circuit breakers were in place. The worker died on July 11

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Circular Quay Site Explosions and Fire Erupts

  A demolition site at the corner of Pitt Street and Alfred Street, Circular Quay erupted in flames and plumes of smoke recently, requiring 12 people be treated for respiratory problems. It was reported that dozens of firefighters battled the

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Company Fined over Botched Demolition

A Canberra company has been fined over a botched demolition of a house in August 2015. The earth-moving company had to pay a $60,000 fine due to a breach which resulted in the release of dust because of insufficient water

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Demolition Company Fined after Live Power Accident

A demolition company was fined over an incident involving live power 2 years ago. The company pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to provide and maintain safe systems of work, resulting in a $25,000 fine. The company also had

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Operation to Highlight Demolition Safety

As part of its efforts to minimize work related injuries and fatalities, WorkSafe Victoria is focusing on dangerous and sub-standard demolition work across the state. Inspectors are in the process of visiting more than 800 demolition and construction sites in

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Demolition Company Fined Over Workplace Injury

A demolition firm was recently issued a $45,000 fine after an incident occurred which resulted in one worker’s leg being crushed and subsequently amputated. The Melbourne company pleaded guilty to failing to provide a safe work environment, following an incident

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Video shows Overpass Demolished Overnight

A 24 year old overpass bridge in China in Nanchange was dismantled overnight by workers and 116 excavators. The overpass had to be broken down to make way for the construction of a subway line. The job started around 22:30

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Possible Asbestos Risks of WA Government Construction Recycling Scheme

While the government has been encouraging the use of recycled building materials, there have been concerns about the safety of such practices given that asbestos could be present and released during the demolition process. The state government has offered local

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Numerous Sydney Buildings Scheduled for Demolition.

Sydney’s CBD is going to be turned into a big construction site as a number of high rise buildings are set to be demolished as early as next year to make way for the new Metro Rail Line. The city’s

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Construction Worker Killed during Demolition

Building work is high risk, whether the building is going up or coming down, as a case in New Jesey recently highlighted. Although this incident happened on the other side of the world, it resonated with me because it shows

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