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Construction Hotspot with the Most Cranes in Sydney

The northern suburbs of Sydney are the city’s residential construction hot-spot with a total of 121 cranes dotted around the area. Last month the number of cranes increased by 27. Matthew Harris, managing director of RLB NSW said the northern

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Safety Blitz Targets Vehicle Load Cranes

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland are involved in a safety blitz focused on vehicle loading cranes following a number of incidents in the state. Figures from the workplace health and safety regulator show that in the last decade 3 people

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Why Sydney is the Crane Capital?

Sydney is known at the crane capital of Australia with a record 350 cranes constructing mostly residential apartments around the city at the moment, according to the RLB Crane index published by Rider Levett Bucknall. Cranes are of course an

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Cranes Erupt Across Cairns Skyline

The Cairns skyline is dotted with cranes, signalling healthy construction activity. Among the projects responsible are the inner city development boom by hotel magnate Ghassan Aboud. This is also good news for employment with the 3 Crystalbrook Collection projects creating

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Watch Cranes in Action: Video shows Giant Cranes Lifting Other Giant Cranes

Who can forget this impressive video of a show put on by Liebherr in front of 2000 of their best customers. The video shows giant cranes being lifted by other giant cranes, lifting other cranes.  

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Convert to the National High Risk Work Licence Before 1 Sept

If you work with forklifts, cranes and hoists, pressure equipment, scaffolding or if you perform rigging and dogging work, you have until 1 September 2015 to convert to the national high risk work licence. Safe Work SA has warned those with any

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Crane Collapse Injured worker

Cranes are a common sight on construction sites because they are invaluable pieces of machinery however if not used correctly and properly maintained these massive tools can become sources of destruction. It is vitally important that crane operators are qualified

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Being Struck by Heavy Vehicles and Cranes on Construction Sites

Being struck by a heavy vehicle, crane or some other heavy equipment on a construction site is a sudden and often fatal accident that occurs at the hands of another worker. Each person operating on a construction site is responsible

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Protect Yourself against Crane Accidents

Source : Ben Salter Cranes are synonymous with construction work. However due to their size and weight cranes can cause enormous damage to property and injury to workers. Workers can protect themselves against crane accidents by following a few simple

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