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Man Injured when Crane Tips

A crane tipped over on a construction site in the Gold Coast at Coomera. Ambulance paramedics were called to the scene to treat a man who had suffered minor injuries due to the crane tipping over. He was treated at

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Some residents Return Home After Crane Collapse at Wolli Creek

A crane collapse over the weekend at Wolli Creek left around 160 residents having to find alternate accommodation as authorities devised a strategy to have the crane safely moved. Residents in the surrounding buildings were allowed to return home once

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Perth Crane Drama Unfolds

A crane has collapsed at a construction site in Wembley. Construction workers on the site at the corner of Pangbourne and Ruislip streets were left cleaning up the site in the aftermath of the large crane crash this week. The

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Construction Firm Fined after Near Miss

A building giant has been fined $280,000 due to major safety violations discovered by safety regulator Comcare after a 2012 crash which almost killed a worker on the site. The incident happened at a major roadway construction site between a

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Crane Collapse Video Shows Us What its Like to be There

Crane collapses have become all too common these days and as this video demonstrates they happen so often that injuries and fatalities are also common. The risks are even greater when heavy loads are being lifted, like in the clip

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Two Construction Workers Killed in Crane Collapse

A crane collapse at a construction site in Queens, New York is a tragic reminder of the high risk nature of not just crane work but construction work on the whole. Two workers were killed recently when a beam they

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Crane Collapse at Major Brisbane Construction Site

A crane operator managed to escape unscathed following a crane collapse at a major building site in Gosford. The collapse, which happened on November 14, resulted in 2 cars being damaged and power lines being pulled down. Although the crane

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Heavy Equipment Fails Caught on Tape

One of the worst heavy equipment fails of the year was the one involving a crane and cherry picker on a Sydney CBD construction site. This video captures that incident, showing the crane dangling from more thanĀ  51 stories high

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Firm Sanctioned for Saudi Crane Collapse

The Saudi Arabian King has sanctioned the Saudi Binladin Group over the crane collapse at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Over 100 pilgrims were killed and hundreds more were injured when the crane fell a few days before the Hajj

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Construction Safety Under Review after Huge Crane Collapse

There are concerns aboutĀ a serious lack of safety on building projects in Mecca, Saudi Arabia following the massive crane crash at the Grand Mosque. The contractor in charge has been asked to ensure safety standards around all crane work be

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