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Western Sydney Workplace Accident- One Injured and One Killed

A man was killed and another injured after becoming trapped beneath landfill in a freak workplace accident. Co-workers reportedly dug through tonnes of debris with their bare hands in their efforts to free the 2 men. One man, in his

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Latest Construction Technology and Tools Making Work Easier

New inventions and technologies are making construction easier and making more complex projects possible. This video shows some of the latest developments making life a little easier for construction workers.

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Time-lapse video shows NYC Museum Being Built

The Statue of Liberty is probably the most well known and iconic monument in The USA but it’s lesser known Statue of Liberty Museum has finally reached completion. The museum began construction¬† in 2016 and this video shows how work

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Watch a Family Construct Their Off The Grid Home

Living off-the-grid has become a more popular way of life for many and this family decided to make their dream a reality all on their own. This couple built their entire home from the ground up, on their own. Here’s

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Australian Tradies Being Exposed to Silica May Develop Deadly Lung Disease

The hazard of construction dust and fine particles such as the dust released by cutting kitchen benchtops should never be underestimated because something as simple as a breathing mask could be life-saving. Silicosis is caused by inhaling small particles of

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Parents Speak Out After Death of Teenage Son on Construction Site

Christopher Cassaniti was a teenager working as an apprentice in the construction industry who was crushed when scaffolding collapsed at a MacQuarie Park construction site recently. Previously, co-workers of the young man spoke of their grief and now his parents

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Female Traffic Controllers Get Challenged Less Than Males

We often hear about the struggles women in the construction industry are forced to overcome but we seldom hear much good. One area of the industry where positive changes are being seen is on road construction sites where female traffic

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One Dead after Falling from Roof in Central Victoria

Falls from height are still the most common cause of serious workplace health and safety incidents, despite these accidents being avoidable if the proper fall protection controls are utilised. The latest tragic incident involved a man in central Victoria who

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Company to Introduce Excavators with Self-driving Tech

A start-up tech construction company wants to modify excavators for construction with self-driving technology. The technology is meant to do the basic tasks of drivers so that human drivers can concern themselves with more complex tasks. The company says this

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Macquarie Park Scaffolding Collapse Prompts Legal Action

The company involved in the scaffolding collapse at Macquarie Park that claimed the life of a worker, is being sued over a separate incident involving scaffolding. The incident revolves around a scaffolding collapse that injured a worker on the north

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