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2000 Construction Workers Needed for Massive Construction

As work begins on The Queen’s Wharf development in Brisbane, more than 2000 workers are needed to fill positions on the $3.6 billion project just 40 minutes from the Sunshine Coast. The first day of construction on the project is

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No Safety for These Daring Malaysian Construction Workers

This Malaysian construction worker seriously missed his calling, he should probably have his own tight-rope act because he certainly isn’t afraid of heights. A startled co-worker filmed the man working at the top of a skyscraper on some scaffolding with

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Company Fined over “Preventable” Deaths

A trucking firm has been fined $160,000 over the deaths of 2 Irish construction workers who were crushed by a falling concrete panel on a construction site in East Perth in November 2015. The 2 men were on a smoking

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WorkSafe ACT to Issue Spot Fines for Work From Height Breaches

WorkSafe Act now has the power to issue on-the-spot fines of up to $3600 to employers who compromise workers’ safety when working from heights. Work from height safety has become a major area of concern and in the 2017-2018 period

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Tackling Signs of Suicide

BeyondBlue research has found that most people who feel suicidal don’t tell others but often show signs through changes in their behaviour. To help family members, workmates and friends who may be contemplating suicide, we should be able to identify

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Perth Construction Workers Storm Closed Site to Reclaim Tools

Following a decision by a construction firm to lock the gates of all its projects, hundreds of tradies were left without their tools and questioning whether they would even be paid for the work they had already done. The angry

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Australia Gains over 100k Construction Jobs

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of people employed in the construction sector in Australia in November was 1.165 million – this is 101,200 more than compared with the same time last year. The increase

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Sewage Smell Forces Construction Workers off Site

The stench from a sewer pump station near a Breakwater construction site forced workers off a construction site for fear of possible illness. The workers likened the smell to that of rotten eggs and one complained of illness. According to

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Worker Crushed by Bobcat

The high risk nature of work involving construction machinery is well known and accidents are common. In the latest incident a man has lost his life while working with a bobcat in Bundaberg. Reports say the man, in his sixties

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Construction Workers Killed in Colombia Bridge Collapse

A partially constructed bridge in central Colombia has collapsed, claiming the lives of ten people and injuring 3. The bridge formed part of a highway connecting the city of Villavicencio with the nation’s capital Bogota, 65km away. According to reports,

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