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This Busy Construction Site Is Like A Bee Hive

I often can’t help but compare a busy construction site with a buzzing bee hive. Construction workers often look like bees scrurrying around the site and like bees, everyone has a job to do. Watch this video and see what

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Iowa Building Site Time-lapse Video

Cool construction video of an Iowa building site shows massive cranes in action.  

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Video Shows Years of Construction of Chicago Trump Towers

It’s always cool to watch a building go up, from ground level to a huge skyscraper. Watch as the impressive Chicago’s Trump Tower goes up.  

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Surprising Scandals Surrounding Famous World Buildings

Bet you didn’t know that these embarassing events surrounded some of the world’s most famous construction projects. These architectural failures could teach the construction industry a lesson or 2.  

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San Francisco Stadium Goes Up in Impressive Time-lapse Video

Construction of the San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium was captured using advanced webcam technology right from the groundbreaking until the opening day.  The construction of the stadium spanned 29 months but you can watch it built in just under 2 minutes.

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Giant Tunnelling Machines Make Underground Construction Possible

Meet the massive tunnelling machine thats helping build the latest section of the London railway system. The expensive new CrossRail project will open in 2018 but in the mean time, these massive drilling machines are at work underground…  

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Largest Telescope in the World under Construction

Watch what goes into the construction of the world’s largest radio telescope, currently being built in China.  

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Construction’s Largest Trucks on Display

Construction vehicles have become irreplaceable on most construction sites, minimising work time and saving money. While these vehicles are invaluable to construction work, due to their enormous size and power, they can cause serious injuries and perhaps even death if they

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Video Shows Crossrail Tunnelling Breakthrough

Watch as a huge underground railway tunnel reaches a milestone. This video takes you into the world of the construction workers that work in these enormous underground passages.  

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Construction Road Project on Video

All over the world road construction projects are taking place and workers are being exposed to risks, particularly relating to road users who fail to take heed of the construction zone, placing workers involved at risk. Watch as a road

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