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Apple’s Spaceship Campus Construction Update

Since Steve Jobs announced Apple’s new super campus in 2006, we’ve been patiently waiting to see the progress made on this impressive structure. Apple first began construction in 2014 and they expect it to be completed by the end of

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Holographic Technology Making Construction Easier

Could holographic lenses under our hardhats be the technology of the future for construction? Augmented reality is expected to help make construction work go a lot faster. Let’s watch the video below to learn more,  

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Video shows Vessel Used for Deep Water Construction

There are various types of construction that prospective workers can be involved in, whether on land or at sea. Once general construction induction training is completed and a white card is attained as proof of having done so, you can

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Video Captures Rise of Elizabeth Quay in Perth

The expensive Elizabeth Quay development began construction over 2 years ago. Millions of dollars and thousands of man hours later, lets see how far construction has come since then.  

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Construction Workers’ Argument Goes Overboard

This video proves why we need to address workplace disagreements, before they get out of hand. In this video one construction worker can be seen throwing the other over the wall of a building.

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Get Prepared for Extreme Weather

Part of preparing for extreme weather conditions means getting homes and dwellings ready. This video fro Bunnings shows how to get your home prepared for extreme weather conditions.  

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Construction News

Watch this footage about an accident that happened on a Taiwan building site. A little girl was injured when a hammer head fell out of the sky and hit her in the head, see what happened here.    

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Busy at Work on a Building Site

Workers on a construction site in this video show us how busy it can be and why safety plays such a crucial role.Watch the video below.  

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Don’t Try This At Home or On The Work Site

Watch this video of the latest in construction fails. Whatever you do don’t try this at home!

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Safe Work Releases New Video

Planning and scheduling in housing construction cannot only impact positively on safety but also save time and money, promote productivity and reduce injuries. In this video filmed on a Sydney house construction site, the benefits of effective planning and scheduling

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