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Live Electrical Work Prohibited in WA

Live electrical work is expected to be banned in WA. Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said the law would be implemented following the deaths of 3 workers due to live electrical work in the last 2 years. The first death occurred in 2013 and

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Safety Video on Avoiding Heat Illness and Injury

We all know that staying hydrated is a crucial part of avoiding heat stress but what else can we do to avoid illness and injury in our warm climate? Watch this safety video to learn the most important aspects of

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White Card Update: Construction Site Safety Below International Standard

With the high number of incidents reported in Oz each month, construction safety is one that requires attention. More worrying is the amount of fatalities and serious injuries that occur each year. A top international engineering solutions firm, Kentz recently

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Managing the risks associated with Unstable Ground

3 Workers were killed and another seriously injured while working on a construction site in Kuala Lampur due to unstable ground. The ground was unstable and caused an embankment to collapse. The workers were from Myanmar and Bangladesh and were

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Basic Guidelines for an Emergency Plan

Construction workers need to be aware of their site’s emergency plan and adhere to it in the event of an emergency. Those in control of the site must ensure that workers are trained on the emergency plan because failure to

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Dos and Don’ts of Construction Site Safety

The most important aspect of construction work should always be Safety. Sadly many construction companies and contractors make the mistake of neglecting safety in an effort to increase productivity which most often results in not only construction sites accidents but

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White Card Update: Staying Safe when Working in a Hole

Being trapped in a whole or trench is no small matter. Quite often workers trapped in trenches and holes don’t make it out alive especially if other incidents occur such as the walls of the trench collapsing. Conditions such as

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White Card Latest News: Reversing a Bad Safety Record

So the year hasn’t gotten off on a good note when it comes to workplace safety and construction site safety in particular. But all hope is not lost, it is still possible to get construction sites up to scratch when

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Construction Company Fined for Safety Breaches

A construction company in Perth was fined $65,000 and ordered to pay costs of more than $8000 following an incident involving an assembled street light which came too close to high-voltage power lines near a Shell service station. The company

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Workers Walk off Site after Worker Injury

Workers on a Canberra construction site downed their tools and walked off their site after an incident which resulted in the electrocution of a fourth year apprentice. The apartment site in Canberra has become the centre of attention as many

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